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I’ve had a few websites within the past few years and am no stranger to the blogosphere. I love blogging and everything that comes with it. Here are some places you might know me from:

  • – my very first blog! I wrote about my super emo playlists and shopping escapades at Hot Topic. This blog took me from 2002 – 2005 when I graduated high school. It still exists in part thanks to the way back machine (and it’s pretty embarrassing).
  • – this blog took me from 2005 – 2017. I wrote about all things lifestyle: cruelty free, beauty, fashion, and did a lot of product reviews. However, it started getting less about me and more about the brands and the sponsored posts and less about the things I use in my life. So, I had to make a change…blogging needed to be fun again!

Enter…November 2017:

Bliss and Blessings is my creative space for me to express my passion and lifestyle. I love cruelty free living, nontoxic products, and plant based mom life. This blog will focus more on bring a crunchy mama who loves sharing her ideas with others.

I’ve partnered with and continue to work with some pretty amazing brands like:

Awesome Bars

Pacifica Beauty

Beauty without Cruelty


Firmoo Glasses

Strawberry Hedgehog

Bare Bones Beauty

Crazy Rumors

Just the Goods

MaryRuth Organics

Want to connect? I’m all about it! Shoot me a message!