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Shoe Throwing?

I couldn’t help but blog about this. I love hearing weird news stories, and thinking about the strange things that happen in our crazy, crazy world. Has anyone heard the news story about the Iraqi reporter who threw a shoe at President Bush? Apparently throwing a shoe at someone is one of the worst forms of insult. I had no idea that in other cultures show throwing was so offensive. Many are supporting the reporter, who is now in jail, and might have to serve up to two years if convicted.

Here’s the video to check out of you haven’t seen the footage. This morning I saw a replay of the incident at the gym. If nothing else, Bush does have some fast reflexes. Look how fast he ducks when the first one is thrown! While, I tend to think of shoe throwing at a form of lulz, it just goes to show you, that what might make us laugh can truly offend people in other cultures. Who knew? What do you guys think about all of this? It’s making headlines!

Anarchist To Capitalist; WTF?

If you’re on my livejournal, or following my old domain for long enough (circa 2002/2003). You remember my high school anarcho-punk stage which I am a bit embarrassed to admit now. I wasn’t embarrassed by the clothes I wore, how I looked/acted, but more with my flawed way of thinking and my desire to debate without having knowledge. As a future teacher (and just completing some drafts for a lesson I’ll be teaching soon), I decided to have a look in my high school work boxes which my Mom saved in the basement. It’s all there: grades 9-12, and another box from years prior.

Grade 10 stuck my interest. On the front of my homework agenda is black electric tape covering the whole face, with a chain lettered “love bites” as a title, and some bands which I still listen to. Centered, a piece of writing in which I discuss my political beliefs (or lack thereof).

I am an anarchist. Why? Because I have my own beliefs and views on what should be done in this country. We are said to be the “Land of the Free” and “the home of the brave.” “All men are created equal.” These statements are not true. I have been an anarchist since 7th grade. Not for fashion, not so I can draw the symbol everywhere. That’s not what anarchism is all about. Anarchy is about expressing your beliefs. We are the future, we are dreamers, we are not rebels without a cause. We are bright, intelligent people who are willing to fight for what we believe in. We despise the oppression of poor and minorities. If our country stands by the statement, “All Men are created equal” then why are there so many poor people? I was not brought up in a rich part of town, I did not have it easy. The government feeds off of the middle class people, the proletariat, the working class, the people who keep the rich from paying too many taxes. We want to be free, not tied down by the chains of tyranny, dictatorship, and communism. We are the new generation, we are anarchists.

Seven years later, I’m looking at this and laughing. Let’s poke holes! The true anarchist belief, is that there be no government, no order, only chaos. Therefore, would I care what is to be done in this country besides overthrowing the ruler, and moving on from there? The oppression of the poor, and of minorities? What about women? I must have forgotten that group, or I was lumping the gender with that of a minority, or a “poor” person. What’s the deal there? Poor people and minorities are not the only ones who have problems in our country. I used two large umbrella terms to generalize an even larger group of people. A statement that should have been eliminated before it was written down. While I may not have lived in the “rich” part of town, I did too have it easy. A 15 year old kid, in the perfect circumstance does not have to worry about food, clothes, money, and the other benefits that come with living under your parents’ roof. The speaker is this person. If the speaker were coming from a different type of home life, a statement like this could be tolerable. This however, is not. Proletariat? I considered myself to be of the working class? If anyone under the age of 15 claims to be in this social group, you are full of shit. Most likely you do not work. You go to school, you work for your grades, you come home.

Onto tyranny, dictatorship, and communism. The first two terms are redundant and therefore can be lumped together. So, we have dictatorship and communism. The first would eventually happen, by either one person, or a group. Someone almost always rises to power, thus anarchy destroyed. In a country where there are millions of different personalities, cultures, and races, someone is bound to take the initiative. Only, since there is a period of chaos prior to the rise to power, the power must be enforced. No more democracy, no more choices, no more freedom. Doesn’t that sounds lovely? Communism; it works when it’s perfect. I’m far from a communist, but if done right it can work. Everyone working together for a common goal. If done right, I personally can not find a flaw with the idea. The speaker is writing from a democratic, capitalist society. Communism is near impossible in America, and is a weak argument which was not backed up.

It’s easy to find the flaws now, but was not so when I was a 15 year old kid without a clue as to what is or was going on in my country. My beliefs have been reformed, and my ideals changed. I was uneducated, unaware, and just plain silly (for lack of a better word). Besides, “you can do a lot more damage from the inside than the outside.” (Steve-O, SLC Punk).

I am a pure blood Capitalist. I love money, freedom, and the choice to buy, sell, or trade goods to make my life better. Bettering my life, and the life of my loved ones is a joy. Chaos is pointless, and organization is key. I can choose to work full-time or part-time. I have the power to rise from the working class, or I can fall below the poverty line. I can start my own business, and pay others to do the dirty work for me. I can be a dictator or a friend. I can buy a new car that sucks gas, or I can walk or bike to my job. Without a job, I have nothing. No money, no benefits, and neither do the ones I care about. I am not tied down by a tyrant or by communism because I live in a capitalist country in which people are responsible for their own personal wealth. When a 15 year old comes up to me with his eyes painted black, sporting an A with a circle around it and calls me a Communist, I ask him where he got his bondage pants. I support the economy, although sometimes it isn’t in good shape, and I stimulate it as much as I deposit into it, although more often it is the former, and I wear Armani while doing it.

A New Type of Confession

I rarely blog about religion on here because I never have much to say. I’m a practicing Catholic with some modified views, but I saw this news story and video on my Yahoo! news feed and thought it would be interesting to see what you all think, religious or otherwise.

This article was posted today and was discussed on ‘Good Morning America’ because today is Holy Thursday, when most Catholics attend confession. The full article and video can be found here. It discusses online confessions and even a ‘Catholic Center’ which has been formed in a mall for Catholics to receive confession during a shopping trip. Confession is an age old tradition dating back to the early modern period (when people had to buy indulgences!!), and has been done a certain way for years.

The Catholic church has taken a lot of changes, some which I disagree with, and some that I agree with but I’m not sure about confessing sins in a mall. I keep thinking about other people who ARE NOT Catholic or religious in any way. It’s not fair that they should have to feel uncomfortable in a mall because confessions are going on next to their favorite clothing store. I see what priests are trying to do, but it seems a little invasive.

Also mentioned, End The Secret, a website where people can post their “secrets” and confess them. The pastor of The Life Church runs the site (this is not a Catholic church, note, not that that matters).

I’m not sure what I think about confessing sins online. It seems more like the sins on the End the Secret website are more like a religious version of Post Secret, but if it can help people feel better, then what’s so wrong? I think it’s a great start to get people more comfortable with confessing their sins, but I don’t think confessing online is a surefire way to be absolved. It might be because I’m Catholic and we do things the “old” way, but I think if you’re that concerned about your sins you should go into a church and confess it.

For the record, I go to confession maybe once a year, but I’ve always felt comfortable going into my church and doing so. You can be anonymous or you can go face to face, which feels more like a conversation.

I thought this would be an interesting post to see what you think. Discuss, but keep it clean. And if you reply and want to discuss, respect everyone’s opinion.