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I updated the whole Health and Fitness section. The weigh-in pages are updated, and the about me page has been updated with stats as well. That section is so important to me and aside from the blog is the main content of my site. I also added the Beauty Reviews to that section as well. Let me know what you think!

The bronchitis is almost gone, thank God. I’ve been resting up and taking care of myself which is something that I need to work on. Whenever I push myself too hard I end up getting sick. I still have a nasty cough and I’m a little stuffy (ears/nose), but I’m feeling a lot better. The cough always sticks around for a while anyway.

I’ve also cut back considerably with my smoking which I think comes from being sick, but it’s been really great. If I can cut back that’s the first step for me. I’m not quitting but I’m starting to walk down that road. I’m looking to see if there’s a smoker support group at the hospital where my Dad works. Support groups seem to be the best way for me to achieve something as I’ve seen from being a Weight Watcher member for over a year now. I need to be accountable for what I do and I need to be surrounded with people who are doing the same thing I’m doing. Although Chantix did work for my Mom I’d prefer not to use any medications of nicotine supplements. That’s just a personal belief.

Tonight is my first night at The Space and I’m amped. I’ve been going there for so long, so working there once a week will be fun. There’s 6 bands playing tonight and I know it’s going to be super busy. It’s a pop-punk show so there’s going to be tons of middle and high schoolers, haha. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

well damn!

I’ve had a headache since last night. I think it’s the strange weather we’ve been having and all of the wind. We had a wind advisory today and it was absolutely frigid out.

I woke up this morning early and ended up making my bed quickly and noticed a little eight legged friend making his way towards my pillows (a brown house spider). My Mom is deathly afraid of them so I kill them even though they don’t scare me (they just annoy me more so). I did not like the idea of it making it towards my pillows! When I got home from school there was another one on the wall in my hallway. I felt really bad about killing two spiders in one day but wth? I think it was because of the somewhat warm weather we had today.

OH!! Also, last night Keith and I went to The Space to hang out with Steve (the owner), and so Keith could take some photos. When Steve was asking me how Panera was I told him I quit and he asked me if I wanted to work there, so of course I said yes!! I’m going to be working the bar which is tea, coffee, snacks, etc on Friday/Saturday nights. It’s going to be one or two days a week which is fine. Couple that with the cleaning I’m doing for my Mom and I’ll have a decent paycheck!

teachers, books, and binders

I just got back from my first two classes. It feels good to be back at school but I already know my Literature of The New Testament class is going to be a challenge. We have 4 syllabi(buses?) for the class. I just finished doing the first assignment. Three out of my five classes are with professors I have had before which is nice. I feel all comfortable.

Here’s my schedule for those of you who care, haha.
Monday: Physics from 5-7:30pm (with my high school physics teacher)
Tuesday/Thursday: Shakespeare II 9:35-10:50am & New Testament from 11-12:15pm & British Lit from 6:15-7:30pm
Wednesday: Communications 5-7:30pm

Complete with Fridays off! Last semester I was so sick and so exhausted I decided I need a day off and two days to sleep in this semester. Tues/Thurs are my busiest days but I get to come home for lunch which is amazing. There are not many healthy choices at the Student Center, and I’d prefer not to spend 7.00 on a salad when I can make one at home for free.

The job search is going to take a while I’m sure, since the market is pretty crappy right now, but my parents told me they’ll pay me to do some hardcore chores around the house, so for now I’m fine with that. I need a break. Panera decided after I gave them 2 weeks notice that they didn’t need me, so that’s fine. I’ll go there next Tuesday and get my check and say goodbye to my friends there.

Off to relax for a bit before class!


I am free from the wrath that is Panera Bread. Enough said. I have wasted three years of my life to get denied hours, denied the many raises I should have gotten, and I am done. I was officially done at 4:00pm yesterday. I threw away all of my stupid polo shirts and black work pants. At some point I will throw out my ugly olive drab aprons I have downstairs. Goodbye Panera and good riddance.

not so personal day, haha

I decided that I deserved a personal day today, so I didn’t go to class. It’s just 9-10, and that hour really would have killed me. I was up all night with horrible stomach cramps/and the like. Keith’s job had an open house and I overindulged in some Artichoke Dip and I think all of the cheese bothered my stomach since I don’t eat it that often to begin with. No good. I kept waking up every hour and I got barely any sleep.

Christmas shopping is underway! I only have to buy for Keith, his parents, his brother/sister in law, and my aunts, uncles, and Grandma. My parents and friends are all finished because I spent the day shopping for gifts with Kristal. I also managed to dust the house for my Mom and cleaned my bathroom. Now at 6:30 at night, I’m beat. I probably should have just enjoyed my day relaxing, but I wanted to get some things done.

Tomorrow I’m working my first 7 hour shift since I’ve been back to work. 9am-4pm. Only working 9am-2pm killed me last Saturday so if I feel tired, I’m just going to say so, since we don’t really get breaks unless we beg. Saturdays everyone comes in to engorge themselves with nasty Panera food. I honestly could care less about this job. I’m so sick of being the person who has worked there the longest and is getting paid less than almost everybody. I’ve discussed this professionally with my boss more times than I care to mention. Eventually I need to get out of there. One day a week is becoming too much.

Now onto fun things.

Randi tagged me! So now I can post my awesome and seasonal desktop. =]

Anyone who wants to can do this. :)

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