What Yoga Has Done for Me

It’s been six months since I started taking myself to the mat on a regular basis. When I first walked into my Yoga studio (now I call it mine) I was nervous and I was the only one who didn’t know that I had to take off my socks. Needless to say, I was guided in the right direction by the teacher and by the other students who were filing into the 90 degree room with me.

My first hot vinyasa class took place on a just as hot August afternoon. I had just recently quit smoking and realized that I was being a jerk to everyone around me and I needed an outlet. The gym wasn’t doing it for me because I was a regular gym rat even when I was still smoking, so after reading up on how hot yoga could be very beneficial I decided to finally give it a whirl.

Surrounded by the scent of nag champa and the sound of a gentle gong, I pushed myself up into my first plank and made it through countless Chaturanga Dandasana’s. I began going multiple times a week and have now formed my own regular home practice and still hit the studio once a week for tune-ups. But I digress, here’s what Yoga has truly done for me:

  • Practice patience: I am a “now” person. I want to succeed “now”, buy stuff “now”, and finish things “now.” Meditation has helped me realize that now isn’t actually the present, but the future.
  • Breathe: Now that I’m not smoking I find myself taking deep breaths throughout my time at work while I’m stuck in the office. I also find myself running more often at the gym.
  • Appreciate quiet: Normally I’m constantly chattering, so I learned how to quiet my mouth and my mind.
  • Learn my limits: My yoga teacher often talks about pushing the edge. I’ve found my edge and have put that practice into m every day life.

    So, more than being able to do a headstand or scorpion pose, I’ve learned that the most important things come from the inside of the body and I work to remember that each day. Namaste!

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  • 3 thoughts on “What Yoga Has Done for Me

    1. I looooooved this. and the timing was perf, because I’ve been considering (finally) getting back into yoga. so, warning, I may pester you via facebewk for tips n’ stuff.

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