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well damn!

I’ve had a headache since last night. I think it’s the strange weather we’ve been having and all of the wind. We had a wind advisory today and it was absolutely frigid out.

I woke up this morning early and ended up making my bed quickly and noticed a little eight legged friend making his way towards my pillows (a brown house spider). My Mom is deathly afraid of them so I kill them even though they don’t scare me (they just annoy me more so). I did not like the idea of it making it towards my pillows! When I got home from school there was another one on the wall in my hallway. I felt really bad about killing two spiders in one day but wth? I think it was because of the somewhat warm weather we had today.

OH!! Also, last night Keith and I went to The Space to hang out with Steve (the owner), and so Keith could take some photos. When Steve was asking me how Panera was I told him I quit and he asked me if I wanted to work there, so of course I said yes!! I’m going to be working the bar which is tea, coffee, snacks, etc on Friday/Saturday nights. It’s going to be one or two days a week which is fine. Couple that with the cleaning I’m doing for my Mom and I’ll have a decent paycheck!

  1. Yuck. I honestly can’t stand spiders, or any other insects period. I start freaking out, and screaming like a little girl, when I see one. lol.

    It’s been really cold, and windy here too. Ugh. Gotta love winter.

  2. Ew. I Googled “brown house spider” and they look rather large and unfriendly to me! I wouldn’t want to discover one in my bedroom either! Ergh.
    I don’t like killing them either, I feel bad and just can’t, so I trap them under glasses and throw them out the window. :P

  3. I was raised to believe that killing spiders is bad luck.

    I get headaches when the weather changes dramatically, it sucks.

  4. I have had a headache all day and I think I’m coming down with something. I’ve been really busy this past week so that’s probably why.
    Spiders freak me out but I hate the idea of killing..it freaks me out even more. So I usally just brush them off or scream (my mom is so calm…she took one that was the size of my hand in a cup outside rathen than killing it)

  5. hey congrats on the new job! it sounds like a fun place to work!

    i’m not really scared of spiders either, but i wouldn’t want to find them in my bed yikes!

  6. Eek spiders, I’m scared of them – my mum always has to kill them for me lol. Must of been scary waking up and seeing one crawling towards your pilliow o_o

    Congrats on the new job! Sounds like a fun job, yay for having more money! :)

  7. Lucky! I wish someone would offer me a job out of nowhere.. Congrats!

    I never kill spiders. I pick them up with a glass and put them outside. I don’t feel as bad killing bugs as I used to, but I still would rather take the extra minute to put them outdoors versus killing them and having to clean up the splat anyway. Just sad.

  8. I once read online that we swallow a various amount of spiders throughout our lifetime. :x

  9. I once read online that we swallow a various amount of spiders throughout our lifetime. Yikes. :x

  10. Congrats on the new job at the bar.

    I went to Panera Bread like 3 days ago. I want a sandwich now. You got me hungry!

    I hate spiders. But I hate frogs even more! One jumped on my FACE once!

  11. Congrats on the new job :)
    The cold weather gives me headaches too. I always carry with me one of those headache sticks just in case.
    I hate spiders too. I get my dad to kill them, or if he is not home we get our neighbour in :)

  12. I really hate spiders.

    Congrats on the job. Working at theatrical/art venues are always fun.

    Kyle Dylan Conner
  13. …I meant is not are…lol

    Kyle Dylan Conner
  14. Whoaaa. Weird, because I had a headache that lasted TWO DAYS, despite taking 3 ibuprofens twice a day. Now that you mention weather, it probably explains my headaches – in Virginia it was freezing cold and then I move to Florida, where it is sunny and in the upper 80s. Thank you, Christine! You saved the day once again!

    EK! You poor girl! I’m surprised you’re not afraid of them! I’m like your mother – DEATHLY afraid of them. You would think that Todd would defend me from them, but NOOO – he shrieks like a little girl and jumps in my arms when he sees one, too. Where is the justice? I wouldn’t like the idea it was near your pillow! I heard horrible stories about that… =/

    CONGRATS! I really hope you enjoy working at The Space :) Better than Panerashitsucksass :)

  15. Spiders aren’t on my top list, I freak out sometimes… Don’t like them creatures.

    We get little brownish-red scorpions in our house in the summer. I killed two the other day. Hate, hate, hate those things…

    Yay for the new job, hope it all goes well! Enjoy it!

  16. It’s been pretty windy here as well – le sucks.

    Oo, congrats on the new job, hehe~ That sounds awesome. XD

    Ewww.. I HATE spiders!!

  17. Ehh I hate spiders! I would of freaked, lol. I always do!
    Glad you got a job! Thats awesome!

  18. congrats! that sounds like a fun job :)

  19. yeah this crazy weather is tending to drive everyone bananas! LMAO! Omg, I flip out at the smallest of bugs. I hate them, they’re so icky… Good luck with the new job!

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