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Valentine’s Day

I hope that everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! I almost cried when I opened my present from Keith. He created a wooden bobblehead of my kitty, Socks. It looks just like her down to her striped tail, and her extra white paw. She is now sitting on my desk so I can look at her every time I do my homework.

How can you NOT smile when you see something like that? My parents also gave me a beautiful jewelry box since I have been needing one for a while. I had some small ones, but nothing to keep my necklaces in. Can you believe I spent almost an hour organizing everything? I love it because it looks like a mini wardrobe.

It has little doors on either side and little hangers for necklaces. I put two on each hanger and used the drawers for some other chains and my rings. I’m so happy to finally have something to keep my necklaces in safe and sound without them getting tangled.

Keith and I were very low key this Valentine’s Day, celebrating on Friday night. We went to Chili’s since we had a gift card and watched “Carriers” which was decent until about the halfway point. We basically spent the evening making fun of the movie and how many plot holes it had. I purchased some Axe products and heart boxers for him with K’s all over them. Red, black, and with his first initial? It was a win-win situation!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! Did you do anything to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

  1. OMG! That bobblehead is adorable! :O

  2. Aww, that kitty bobble head is so adorable! Keith actually made that? WOW!

    Love the jewellery box too, it really does look like a little wardrobe! I need more things like that to keep my jewellery in too – I have so much of it (though admittedly mostly cheap costume stuff) and everything keeps getting tangled when I just put them all in trinket boxes. =/

    Sounds like you had a nice night out on Friday too! I haven’t heard of Carriers, but from what you said about all the plotholes, I daresay I won’t ever bother. I don’t mind confusing movies (Mulholland Drive, for instance) but only if it’s intentionally supposed to be confusing…if it just doesn’t make sense because the plot was poorly thought-out and there are lots of accidental discrepancies, that’s not good at all!

  3. Keith is so sweet to make a miniature copy of your kitty! :D
    He did a really good job. :)

    As for your parents gift, it is so cute. I so wanna have one too. I’ve been needing a jewelry box as well :/

  4. That is just freakin awesome!!! A cute, handmade reminder of your kitty to keep you company and nod her head “yes” to everything you say! :P

    Seems like lots of couples went low-key this year and loved it! It’s great!!

  5. That cat is amazing! I can’t believe he made it himself. How do you make a bobble head anything?! I wish I was more crafty.

    We celebrated our V-day on Saturday because we thought the restaurants would be too busy on the actual day. First we got dressed up in some nice clothes. He went to school for about an hour and when he came back he brought a bouquet of roses for me. I didn’t expect that and didn’t buy him anything. Later that night we went out to eat and came home to have a few drinks.

  6. OMGOMG, That is soooooooo stinkin cute – bobblehead KITTY! Your kitty!! We didn’t get to do anything for V-day, sadly BUT I did make Brad a card =) Ooo the jewlery box is lovely! I have one that my Mom passed down to me.

  7. I’m loving the bobblehead kitty!! He did a great job on it.

    We didn’t do anything big for V-Day…just dinner.

  8. A kitty bobblehead! That has to be the cutest V-Day present ever! :D If the colors were opposite, it would look kinda like my cat. haha

  9. LOL, I wouldn’t call your Valentine’s Day low key at all — C’mon! Homemade kitty bobbleheads, boxers with K’s on ‘em, eating out, AND making fun of a lame movie? Sounds more like a alentine’s full of win to me!

    Low key in my opinion is ignoring the day entirely — Which is what I did, as I don’t believe in celebrating ‘greeting card’ holidays, haha. Hell, I hardly believe in St. Patrick’s Day, and I’m Irish. o_O;

    But in all seriousness, ((As serious as one can get talking about a kitty bobble head, anyhoo,)) I think that was absolutely adorable of your boyfriend to make that for you. Very, very cute indeed. ^^ ?

  10. Wow. Keith reminds me of Todd – very thoughtful :) I love you two! You guys are perfect for each other. The bobble head is adorable and I love the jewelry case!

    Chili’s = love, love, love.

    I was skeptic about seeing “Carriers”, but if you got to laugh at it, then I am definitely watching it :) Sometimes you need those awful films to make you life. You can Keith should try “Deerwoman” by Masters of Horror. I literally LOLed the whole time. I still can’t tell if they intentionally set it up that way or the film was just pure shit. Either way, I got my laugh ;)

  11. Awwww the bobblehead kitty looks so cute. ^_^ and the jewerly box looks amazing, I use an old box which used to hold chocolate for all my jewelery. :’)
    I went to my boyfriends house all day and he got me roses for vday. <3 hehe.

  12. Wow he actually made that bobelhead? That is so awesome! What a fantastic present! Also, that jewelry box is really beautiful. I have a similar one and it took me forever to organize it, too. I love Chili’s! Great choice, too.

  13. That bobblehead is pretty cool. You should post a picture of the cat and bobblehead to see how they compare to each other LOL.

  14. Oh my god the kittle bobblehead is adorable! And he MADE IT himself?! That’s amazing! It must have taken so long! Shows that he really loves you. :)

    My Valentine’s day was the low key of low key. I did absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. There’s no point really if you like me don’t have a significant other to spend the day with.

  15. The wooden bobblehead is so cute and it’s very neat. And that’s really sweet of Keith he made it.

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