Upcoming Events at Curls & Thesis Progress

March is proving to be a VERY exciting month for me and for my website. I’ve received some amazing inquiries and opportunities from WeGo Health, Awesome Bars, Sunbutter, and Fit Approach to make next month super exciting! March is National Nutrition month so to celebrate I’ll be having TWO (yes, TWO!!) giveaways. The first will take place in the beginning of the month and the second will close off the month with a tasty kick into April. Yep, both of them involve food, which makes me happy. More to come–but I want to make sure you get pumped. These giveaways will also be open to the USA and Canada. My last was for the USA only, so I’m branching out!

Check out those laces! I’m an official SPA, so I get awesome gear!

Curls has also reached over 50 Facebook likes, so thank you to everyone who has stopped by to show your love. I’ll be updating the Facebook page more often since it looks like I’ll have more to talk about on that front. I’m super excited for all of these things to take off.

I’m doing my thesis on BIG SURPRISE…BLOGS! Check that!

In other, non-blog related news, my thesis proposal has been approved and I have the first three chapters of my thesis drafted and ready for revision. Only five more chapters to go. That’s me with one of my sources. Research is so much fun when it’s something new, exciting, AND something that’s relevant to culture and to my job. More on that as it progresses. =D Fellow grad school bloggers, are you working on any research surrounding the social media explosion??

So, stay tuned because we have some great stuff coming up. Not ready to wait for my giveaways? Then go check out Liza’s giveaway over at 6birds.net. It’s a super cute necklace that reminds me of spring accessorizing fun and fabulous-ness.

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6 thoughts on “Upcoming Events at Curls & Thesis Progress

  1. oh. too bad its for US and Canada only. haha -_- Goodluck on the giveaways. I’m so loving the shoe lace <3 gaah! Goodluck on your thesis too! 5 chapters to go still needs a lot of time. jeeeh :3 good for you your enjoying researching and making it. while me? gaaah -_- nevermind. haha

    xoxo. http://www.ostarey.info/

  2. It sounds like March will definitely be your month! (with hopes that it gets even better with future months to come). Congratulations on getting 50+ likes ok Facebook and getting your thesis proposal approved. You’re almost halfway through your chapters. I’m not a grad student yet, so I will get back to you in a few years XD.

    Take care!

  3. If I could research about blogs, I think that that would be really cool! I think it would make research so much fun!

    Sponsors seem nice and fun and cool to get to have! I’ve never been sponsored before except for by my host. It’s still nice, but I think these days people are more into the physical prizes, like items, giftcards and/or cash (I don’t blame them!). I also think that’s partially a better way for sponsors to advertise on other blogs. I mean, it’s much better than some post with a bunch of their links in it that sounds like a history book, you know? :p

    Congratulations on getting 50 likes! Last time I checked, Hope Fades has 17 likes. I only needed 10 for the official Facebook Page URL, though, so I’m really happy about that! :D

    Thanks for the plug! <3

  4. Too bad I can’t enter your giveaway. I live in Sweden.

    Research is indeed fun if the subject is interesting. If the subject isn’t interesting, not so much. :D Social media is a great subject. I wrote an essay on web 2.0, of which a big part was about social media, a couple of years ago back when I took a information technology class at uni.

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