Unfriending Facebook: Why I Did It

I don’t think that anyone is unaware of what Facebook is. Even my Dad who just recently got a cellphone (yes, really!) is aware of the social networking giant. A week ago, I made the decision to remove Facebook from my life. WHAT? A blogger? Remove Facebook? I decided to remove it for a few reasons, the first being I was simply sick of the updates, terrible new mobile apps, and crappy interfaces. At first, I was just annoyed at all of the changes, but then I really started to look at the purpose of Facebook itself. To connect with friends. For me, Facebook became a collection of people rather than a means of connecting with people. The final straw for me was drama and the ease at which your business gets spread across the network like wildfire. Being a teacher, I never posted anything that was considered to be inappropriate, nor did I have my privacy settings weak enough to let everyone know what I had for breakfast. Truth me told, I got sick of being so “connected.”

One of my best friends has never had a Facebook. In fact, she has an e-mail address and a blog, and that’s all. She is a writer and has been able to network with agents successfully while having a trimmed down presence online. I took the initiative from her, and from one of my students who also removed Facebook from her life entirely. So without further ado, I made Keith the administrator of our radio show page on Facebook and deleted my account. In another 7 days I will be erased as if I never existed on their servers. I e-mailed family members with my cell phone in case they didn’t already have it and encouraged them to call, text, or e-mail me if they needed to contact me. The most interesting part of all of this is the people I see on a regular basis (and the people I deem as close in the flesh friends) didn’t even realize I had deleted my account. Why? Because they are able to interact with me on a regular basis OUTSIDE of the online realm. With 7 days under my belt of being Facebook free, I feel a mixture of both alienation and happiness. No, I didn’t get a chance to see the picture my cousin’s dogs dressed up for Halloween, but I’ll get to see them in two weeks for our family’s Halloween party! Yes, I might miss out on the Facebook invite to my friend’s 30th birthday party, but I knew about it BEFORE the invite went out online. What I’m saying is, if you’re doubtful about deleting Facebook because of missing out on things, don’t. I was concerned at first, I admit it, but if they are your friends (as my very, VERY wise student said), you’ll know about what’s going on.

In no way am I down talking social networking. In fact you can still find me tweeting, and google+ing on occasion. I love tumblr for finding inspiration, and Catster has provided me with amazing tips and information and the ability to communicate with other cat owners. I’m still online and connected, but I made the decision for myself that I don’t need Facebook to do it. I’d rather have my 30 friends on google+ than 350 on Facebook from high school and even some from elementary school. You didn’t talk to me then, I didn’t talk to you then–why are we going to start now? Maybe one day I’ll come back to Facebook, but for now you can find me elsewhere. If nothing else, it’s been a great conversation starter within the past week, and I daresay I’ve “connected” with more people in person in the past week than I have in the past few months. I’ll continue to update about this as I see fit, you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who have already asked me, “How did you do it??” I clicked delete. Simple.

Have you deleted Facebook? Thought about it? If you did, what was it like? I’d be interested to hear your experiences!

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12 thoughts on “Unfriending Facebook: Why I Did It

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I can tell I’ll enjoy reading yours seeing as your header says fashion and fitness. Two of my favorite things!

    I have been pretty much Facebook free for a year and a half now. I caved and made a new one a few months ago, added no more than 20 REAL friends, then deleted it a couple of weeks later. I don’t care for FB too much, and after this long, I really don’t miss it. I enjoy having the circle of real friends (not old high school classmates and other acquaintances I’ve met once) around me and don’t need to know what they’re up to every second of the day (through status updates).

    I’m okay without FB, but take Twitter away from me, and we’ll have a problem. =P I LOVE the people I follow on Twitter even though I’ve never met most of them in real life.

  2. Wow. That was brave. I thought about deleting my facebook before. But then I realized that I don’t feel good about missing on stuff. I rarely go to school (I admit), so i have to go on FB to check the homeworks and stuffs and about what’s been going on in school since I don’t open any messengers such as Skype and yahoo. I have an account but they’re pretty much inactive for a year or so now. :/

    E-mail and facebook is the only thing I got online :)

  3. That’s impressing. Few people delate Facebook these days. More and more just gets their own accounts. I wouldn’t want to delete my Facebook because of the people I keep in touch with there. Since I have lived in three different parts of Sweden I have friends all over the country which I rarely if ever gets to see IRL. I also have many internet friends who I have known for years and can’t see IRL either. Since I can’t keep up with e-mailing all these people Facebook is, unfortunately, the only option. From a privacy viewpoint I don’t like it much though. Big Brother is watching me, saving everything I write on their servers and I don’t like that. Concerning people from way back who you didn’t speak to then adding you on Facebook, I agree with you, why talk to them now? Or those who add just about everyone they’ve ever met. Personally I feel no need to add every person I meet at a party, every person I’ve ever went to school with or every person I’ve ever worked with.

  4. I’ve never had Facebook. I definitely don’t plan on doing it either. I think, that the highlight of your post (for me) was reading about how your friends and family didn’t even notice you were off the network because they contact you outside of it. Having never had a Facebook, I actually found out who my true friends were by not having one in the first place. The ones who wanted to keep in touch and still are my friends now did not give a toss that I didn’t have ~the~ networking account (nearly) everyone else had, and keep contacting me by phone, email, instant messengers, and read my blog as well. I really appreciate those friends.

    I think Facebook seems to be a burden on people. A lot of people seem to hate having one when they do, and commend those who don’t have one. I have had some people approach me and call me insane and dub me as having some form of mental illness for not having Facebook. I don’t even have many people I want to “connect” with.

    Facebook is just very overrated. I have people criticise me for having Twitter and not Facebook when they are two completely different sites. Twitter helps me keep up to date on news and blogs in a quick way… Facebook just seems to waste time.

    Anyway, I’m commending you for making the decision. :D :D

  5. That’s really brave of you to delete facebook!
    I don’t think I will ever be able to do it, nor I want to do it.
    I have friends from different parts of the country and abroad, I like being updatd on parties and pictures of me others take on those parties (before facebook and other social networks people would run after the photographer to figure out where they can find their pictures). It is also easy for me to promore clothes that I design and connect to new people that I meet.

  6. If it wasn’t for facebook, I would never see my friends. They are so bad at remembering to invite me/include me in stuff. Every time I go home I give a big, hey, everyone, I’m at my parents, free to hang out! and then they’ll call me, lol. and if you’re not on facebook, you don’t get invited to things, ever.

    plus, i actually do talk to some people I went to HS with… probably more than I did when I was in HS with them. The rest, I just hide their posts.

    It’s also great for keeping in touch with family across the country, across the world. It’s a pain to email everyone. You post a status update, they comment, you got a conversation going.

    I think facebook is just about the greatest thing ever really, lol. But that’s me.

  7. I really like FB too, especially for people who are overseas or who I wouldn’t see or talk to regularly otherwise.

    I can see why you got rid of it though, I guess it could become a pretty big time sucker if you weren’t careful.

  8. You go girl. I have had a really hard time getting into the grove on Facebook. My sister is always giving me a hard time because I don’t use it very often. I am trying to use it more for my business but for personal it is hard to really see the point.

  9. I’ve thought about getting rid of Facebook, but I keep it because it’s the easiest way to communicate with my twin sister in Germay and my mom in California. Plus, instead of sending out dozens of emails of the same picture of my kids to family members I can post it once on Facebook and everyone will see it. I do keep my friend’s list pretty short though, and my privacy settings are crazy high.

  10. I am not a big Facebook fan either but now that I live overseas it would be much harder to keep in touch with a lot of my friends now that I don’t see them.

    My privacy settings are pretty damn high and I don’t add people who will annoy me but I have to admit I like it for keeping in touch with people overseas.

    Good for you, though! It is great to be able to do such a thing!

  11. I admire you for doing that. You know what, i’ve been considering it myself. I mean, what’s it for, anyway? Besides, it kinda freaks me out that my own mother uses Facebook to stalk on people. Point is, if Facebook didn’t exist, these kinds of hassles in life wouldn’t exist either. Been tweaking my privacy settings as much as I can coz I don’t like my mom prying on my wall but for some reason it’s causing me stress, too. It’s so annoying.

  12. I don’t think I will ever get rid of Facebook as long as everyone else is using it. I love seeing all the pictures that people post. That is mostly what I use it for. I do agree that all the apps and stuff have gotten out of control. But I can block those from showing on my wall if they really bug me.

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