Traveling Europe While on a Budget

Keith and I are always looking for new places to vacation. We love areas of the country that have historical landmarks and sites to explore and always enjoy staying somewhere that is rich in culture. Food, attractions, and shopping always help us to make our decisions when it comes to deciding where to stay, but price also plays a large factor because we often want to get the best value for our money. We have discussed traveling out of the country, but just never felt like we had the funds to do so, until we did some research and began to think outside of the box and decided that somewhere like Venice would be for us. With a simple click on the mouse we learned that you can book accommodation online and travel to Venice with affordable rates and have the opportunity to stay in a variety of places all surrounded by the rich and beautiful culture of Venice.

Booking online was something new to me. I actually always used to call the hotel directly rather than view their website for online bookings. However, it’s more convenient, easy to do on the go, and booking online for a trip out of the country allows for all of your boarding and hotel paperwork to be placed in your personal files upon making your reservation, which I love! What’s even better is that I can look at rates for individual hotel rooms, hostels, and other types of lodging and make the trip fit into my own personal needs money-wise. Booking a trip to Europe online works well for those who have small children to think about, too. Families are easily able to see which hotels accommodate children and families. So, sometime soon Keith and I might be ditching the “stay-cation” for a real cross-continental vacation without breaking the bank!

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One thought on “Traveling Europe While on a Budget

  1. I hate phones so I have always booked vacations online. I hope you get to go to Europe and have a great time! I would love to go back there again sometime.

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