January 14th, 2008 @ 9:44pm

I made a sweet playlist today.  No one really reads this but in case anyone does I’ll post it here.

  1. The Rain, The Park & Other Things by the Cowsills
  2. San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair) by Scott McKenzie
  3. Brand New Key by Melanie
  4. Monday, Monday by The Mamas & the Papa’s
  5. Subterranean Homesick Blues by Bob Dylan
  6. The City of New Orleans by Arlo Guthrie
  7. Summer Breeze by Seals & Crofts
  8. Never Ending Song of Love by Delaney & Bonnie & Friends
  9. Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There is a Season) by The Byrds
  10. The Letter by The Box Tops
  11. Mr. Tambourine Man by The Byrds
  12. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? by Chicago
  13. Hurdy Gurdy Man by Donovan
  14. Summer in the City by The Lovin’ Spoonful
  15. Hush by Deep Purple
  16. Everybody’s Talkin’ by Harry Nilsson
  17. Green Tambourine by The Lemon Pipers
  18. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology) by Marvin Gaye
  19. All the Young Dudes by Mott the Hoople
  20. Crystal Blue Persuasion by Tommy James & The Shondells
  21. Groovin’ by The Young Rascals
  22. Friday on My Mind by The Easybeats
  23. Time of the Season by the Zombies
  24. A Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum


January 14th, 2008 @ 11:43am

toothpaste for dinner

I love this. Haha.


January 13th, 2008 @ 11:27pm

I haven’t updated in quite some time! Sorry about that. I haven’t even been busy – I’ve been quite the opposite actually. But I guess I just tend to forget about things sometimes.

Latey I’ve just been going to school, playing video games, and hanging out with Richard. I left my job on January 3 because they were only giving me three hours a week. The feeling was pretty mutual – he approached me about leaving and I agreed. I think they were looking for someone who can work full-time anyway. Sure, three hours is better than zero, but I’d rather just hunt for a new job where I can work far more hours. So far no luck. I hope I can find one soon so I can continue having a steady income. I do tutor a second grader two days a week but that only gives me $20/week and that is hardly anything.

Tomorrow I have a snow day which I am very excited about. As much as I hate snow, I love not having to do anything all day because that’s the life of a lazy person. For once I actually worked on my homework early rather than late Sunday night, but hey – now I can work on it tomorrow. I have like four reports due this week; but they’re all simple so I don’t really care.

I deleted (sort of deleted… I deleted all of my friends and erased all the content) my MySpace last night – very exciting, I know. I just got really sick of it. Facebook is a lot better (even if I want to hit things for every stupid application I’m invited to). Deleting my MySpace altogether would have been kind of stupid, only because when you do that everything you’ve ever done on the website is completely erased – all of the comments you’ve left people, etc. And I wanted to keep my comments because I have a lot of cute memories with Richard from the beginning of our relationship. Yay.

Hm, what else? Oh, in regards to my last entry, I decided (for now that is) I’ m going to double major in English and history. I’m really, really, really pumped about this. Hopefully I will hear from UMass within the next few months and I can start planning my life out even more. I’m such a dork but I don’t care. I love thinking about the future. It’s so exciting.

Happy New Year!

January 2nd, 2008 @ 1:43am

I hope everyone had a safe and happy celebration last night. I spent the night at Richie’s and we had a very cozy evening complete with food, TV, and a little champagne. I came home around eleven in the morning and ate some Ramen and watched American History X with my father. That movie is so amazing. I don’t agree with the racism element but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good movie. Which I do. Edward Norton is definitely one of my favorite actors of all-time. He’s so awesome.

Since then I’ve been cleaning and playing WordJong, my latest obsession. It’s really fun but mostly addicting. Ha. If you like Scrabble and MahJong you would love this game. I’m going to try to pick it up for my DS sometime soon.

I go back to school in about six hours. I really do like school but I like being home so much more (don’t we all?) and it’s always hard to go back after being off for a while. Especially at my school where I have to walk ten minutes from my car to the door of the school in the cold/snow. Damn parking lots being so far away.

One last thing I wanted to mention is kind of a big deal. I’ve always been pretty set on majoring in English/education and minoring in writing. But lately I’ve been considering minoring in history instead. I love writing but I will certainly be getting a lot of writing assistance with English as my major. Plus if for some reason I get to college and I try as hard as I can but I just can’t meet the writing expectations, I don’t want to have wasted so much time/effort on the writing minor. I will always be writing no matter who tells me I’m good or not good at it. I really love history and I want to study it as much as possible. I think it’s amazing to have broad knowledge of history; it’s really something to be proud of, to know so much about your backgrounds and where we came from. It’s quite interesting. I don’t know. I’ve just been thinking about it.

I start this online Philosophy course in a few weeks. I’m pretty excited about that. I think Philosophy is incredibly interesting as well – it is an element of history. I wish I could just take hundreds of thousands of classes for the rest of my life. Haha. I love to learn.

I guess I should get some sleep now.

Edit: I was just researching UMass’s academic website and for education, you minor in education and major in your respective field. That is really amazing because that means I can double major in English and history rather than minor in history. That leaves a lot of room for more interesting classes. I’m very happy. I think I could major in Education if I wanted to, but a minor is fine with me for now. That’s just how I feel at this point, at 2 AM, nine months before I start college. Ha. (Wow, only nine months? That’s awesome.) I love thinking about college. It gets me really excited.

I’ve spent quite some time on their website before, looking at the required courses for English. Their classes seem so much more interesting than any of the other schools I applied to. I will be absolutely devastated if I don’t get in. I got into these other schools that I don’t care about, so if I’m rejected from my number one I’ll probably cry. I will cry. Haha. It’s just so different than my other schools in every way; from academics to campus life to number of students in the school. I think I will love it. I hope I love it. I hope I go, that is.

Okay, I really need to stop doing this stupid shit and go to bed. >:o

Most amazing commercial ever.

December 29th, 2007 @ 2:32pm

Okay, not really the most amazing ever, but certainly amazing. It makes me tear up – that’s how much I love doggies. *dork*


December 29th, 2007 @ 12:07am

Haha. Whoops. I did a tiny bit of cleaning in the morning and a little more tonight. I now have a lot of stuff in several random bags rather than on the floor. I’m really bad at this but once I get really into it I can do a ton. Hopefully I can get some more done tomorrow, maybe? I mean there really isn’t too much rush but since it’s vacation I wanted to do a LOT. Oh well.

Not much else to say tonight.

Love & Money…’n Stuff.

December 28th, 2007 @ 2:20am

Last night Richard and I had a pretty brutal fight. No punches were thrown. Maybe verbal punches. But all is well now, and tonight we had a pretty excellent time and it compensated for the junk from last night. For Christmas my parents gave us a $25 gift card to Applebee’s, so we went out to eat there and also watched some TV before he fell asleep in my arms around eleven. Very cute, I know. Heh.

Speaking of sleep, today I woke up around ten feeling pretty miserable – comparable to the way I felt last night, as I mentioned. My eyes were kind of itchy but it was mostly my nose; stuffy, runny, all that good stuff. And I had the chills. So I went back to bed after eating some Fruity Pebbles and playing Rock Band and didn’t get up until almost four. I felt like a lazy shit. I hate sleeping the day away but I felt 100% better. So I guess it was alright. This just means that I have to devote tomorrow (today?) to cleaning my room, since I had planned on doing that today. Whoops.

Instead, I woke up and bought some things online: seasons two & three of The Office because I am totally obsessed, the movie American History X, and two books – My First Year As a Teacher edited by Pearl Rock Kane and Up the Down Staircase by Bel Kaufman. I’m really excited to read the two teacher books. I can imagine that my first year will be scary and intimidating but it will be so exciting and thrilling. So hopefully I can find some rad advice in these books which I can retain until I start student teaching and then eventually am in a classroom all by myself. Ahh! Exciting.

I feel like a dork for going on about The Office but I can’t help it. It’s just really good. Everything about it is good. It’s one of the most consistent shows I’ve seen – the plot always matches things that happened in previous episodes; I have yet to see any flukes in the script when referencing another time period or anything else that’s already happened in the show. It’s utterly hilarious and there’s nothing hard-to-believe. It’s very true to life and it has the “love” aspect which of course makes me happy.

My DVD collection is almost complete. My goal is to have every movie I really like on DVD. I’m not there yet but I’m really close. Maybe I’m missing something like ten or twelve? Not sure but it won’t be too hard to achieve sometime soon. And then whenever I see a movie I dig, I’ll buy it if I can. Pretty awesome.

It will take longer to complete my TV show dream – much longer, if I can even do that. I may have to hit the lottery for it. But I do have Boy Meets World, Freaks and Geeks, and The Office; and those are certainly three of my favorite shows. I also would need The Simpsons, Roseanne, Scrubs, Family Guy, and especially Seinfeld. Someday. All of those would cost me a hefty amount of cash. But I can dream. Oh, how I love materialistic dreams. Haha.

For now, I am going to watch some more Office and clean up my computer. Hopefully I can fall asleep soon. I really wish I didn’t sleep until four in the afternoon. Damn vacation.

Day after Christmas.

December 27th, 2007 @ 12:57am

So, my house is still moldy and I’m definitely sick but what can I say? I’m not sure if it’s the wet rugs because at Richard’s this morning I woke up with a horribly stuffy nose and itchy eyes. I’m allergic to something, somewhere. I want to take an allergy test but I’m afraid of getting poked with all those needles plus I don’t want to get itchy and all that when I’m out and will have to drive home soon. It sucks that that’s the only way to find out what you’re allergic to.

I’ve been watching The Office with Richard in most of my free time in the past day or so. I absolutely, positively love that show. I watched the first season DVD that he bought me, and then I’ve been watching the first half of the second season or so via his iPod and this website. We also went out to breakfast this morning which was nice. I guess being off for the week hasn’t been so bad – I mean obviously it wouldn’t be bad but I thought I’d be kind of bored.

What I should do is clean my room, which I plan to do most of tomorrow. I really need to get rid of literally everything I don’t need, since it won’t be my room anymore in about eight months or so. Even though I’m just going to college and I’ll be back home pretty often, my parents decided to give my room to my sister and move me into her room. I guess I don’t mind that much; my room is far bigger and it’s only fair if I won’t be home more often than I will be home, but it really makes it more apparent that this time next year my life will be very different. Not sure if I like that or not but I guess I have no choice.

I want my family to understand that I’ll hardly be around anymore come next year but they don’t seem to get it yet. I want to spend time with them but they’re always so busy. They say I’m out all the time and they’d like to see me, but on the days where I am home they’re always doing other things. It sucks. We decorated the Christmas tree the other night and it took about ten minutes and then my parents had things to do. I don’t get it because they’re the most supportive, and kindest they could possibly be – I love them to death. They just have other things to do (TV? Online poker? Eh.) I guess. Oh well.

Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2007 @ 6:43pm

Merry Christmas! Today I acquired a sweet pair of jeans, four sweaters, a Beatles shirt, a Doors shirt (I can’t find it online but it’s sweet), the novel Atonement, the Simpsons Movie, a puppy calendar, and $220. My family is really sweet to me. We ate supper at my grandparents’ house and we just got home a little while ago. I’m sleeping over Richard’s tonight though because my house is making me sick – physically.

Downstairs in the family room there is some kind of leak in the floor (I really have no clue what’s wrong) but the floor is soaking wet, so much that it squishes when you walk on it. It’s been like this for quite some time and so it’s starting to reek of mold. We are in the process of cleaning it out so it can be fixed but if you ask me it shouldn’t be taking this long when health is probably at risk. My room is directly above the garage/family room and every morning when I wake up I am sniffly and itchy and I am attributing it to the moldy floor. I could be wrong but it sounds good to me. To top it off, icicles are melting all over the deck upstairs and the water is leaking underneath the door and onto the floor in our TV room. We put a little heater in that area, blocked the door with a towel; but it’s still really wet. So we have wet rugs everywhere and it stinks in my house so I’m guessing we’re being taken over by mold and I need to get out of here. I’ve been sneezing nonstop today and it’s starting to bother me.

Anyway, I’m off now so I hope everyone had a great holiday – or will have a great holiday (not sure if anything is yet to come but if there is, well – happy…whatever!).

Christmas Eve!

December 25th, 2007 @ 2:25am

Merry Christmas Eve! Today was really great. I didn’t get very much sleep last night, but I wanted to be able to fall right asleep tonight so it didn’t bother me very much. I got lunch with Richie around two and then we headed to his house to watch some Christmas flicks and exchange presents.

We watched a movie called Three Days – which aired in 2001 on ABC Family. I loved it though, and I found it on eBay several months ago so I bought it. It’s pretty corny but it’s also really sweet/sad. After that we watched a couple of Christmas-themed Simpsons episodes and opened presents! Yay! We really spoiled each other this year, but oh well. I bought him a Kevin Youkilis shirt, season 8 of The Simpsons, the movie Pleasantville, a Simpsons calendar, and a candle burner with a few tart candles. He bought me a ridiculously warm pink blanket, an incredible sleep mask, the first season of The Office, the movie Almost Famous, a gift card to GameStop, a sweater I’ve been eying, and a Curt Schilling shirt. We treat each other like we’re little kids; most people I know buy their significant others one really expensive, meaningful gift – we go all-out and pick up cheaper, random shit that we see and think the other will like. But I like it that way.

Anyway, after we exchanged gifts we cuddled and watched It’s a Wonderful Life as we’ve done the last couple of years on Christmas Eve. When I got home my parents were across the street at a Christmas party. I headed over and hung out with them for quite some time. I didn’t think it would be that cool, since everyone is about 40 years older than I am, but it was actually really fun. They all resemble kids my age – they get really fucked up and make jokes & gossip about their friends who aren’t there. Haha. I had a really nice chat with my aunt, too. I need to hang out with her more often. She told me that if I can’t acquire housing at U Mass next year that she’d move out there with me and we’d get an apartment because she adores western Massachusetts. I wish I could do that but I feel like I should have the experience of living in a dorm, at least for a while. But I would love to live with my aunt. She’s really freakin’ awesome.

I am really tired and I need to get up at some point tomorrow to head to my grandparents’ house. I’m excited to give my family their gifts, too. I can’t wait to wake up!

Merry Christmas!