Three Easy Summer Outfit Must-Haves

I’m so ready for summer even though I’m spending my summer working like a nut! Despite my packed schedule, I have still made time to host and attend some great parties and BBQs. This week we’re celebrating a lot since the beach is down the street and that’s where my town shoots off the fireworks. To stay cool while also looking stylish, I have a few key pieces that I rely on…paired with some awesome, basic accessories.

The Flowy Linen Pant


I became obsessed with Linen this spring. It’s airy, fun, and I love a good wide leg pant. These khakis are what I’ll be rocking when I host MY fourth of July picnic. Since I’ll be running around, I’ll add on a simple black flowy tank and comfy flats. But, because I like a whole, complete look, I’ll pile on one or two bangles and minimal makeup.

The Dress


When it comes to going to someone ELSE’s get together, I like to be a bit more casual. It probably seems strange, but I like to kick up the fashion notch a bit when I am running the show. This dress is perfect for being the relaxed (but ready to help, note the shoes) cookout guest. Its fun colors remind me of a sunset, and the pattern looks good on just about everyone. When I’m a guest I also like to bring a small, drama free bag and a good pair of shades. Who knows whether you’ll be outside or in?

The Shorts and Burnout Tee

This look has two feature pieces that I am OBSESSED with. I love a dark denim short and I love a burnout tee. It’s effortless and easy. If you’re not a dress girl, or you know that the crowd is much more casual, this look is key. I like the longer short for family parties or work functions. No matter what kind of legs you have, the daisy dukes need to stay home if you’re with a more reserved crowd. These shades are from my own collection and give a little bit of spice to the otherwise basic outfit. 

How many parties do you have coming up this weekend? What will you wear? 

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4 thoughts on “Three Easy Summer Outfit Must-Haves

  1. All of my shorts are around the same length as those. I have body issues, so I don’t wear anything shorter – except for pj shorts and I only put those on right before I get in bed and if I leave my bedroom I put a pair of pj pants on over them.

    No cookouts or parties for me this weekend. I don’t live far from a small race track and they set fireworks off, so I can stand in my yard and watch them. Sadly this week I’ll be at an art/crafts fair (Thursday to Saturday) and the flea market (Sunday). So my key is to wear things I can move around in and that are cool. I usually start the day with shorts and once everything is set up and ready I change into shorts – same goes for shirts, I usually take a cooler shirt with me to change into later in the day.
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  2. But…but…if it’s summer, shouldn’t you opt for lighter colored linen? :P

    I personally don’t anticipate any party, though it’s always nice to layer down [wear less] during summer since it’s pretty hot here in Houston. That being the case, I’ve been wearing more workout shorts with sandals. Much to my surprise, they look good together even when I’m not working out. :O
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