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Things I Love: Wednesday

It’s the middle of the week, and though I began compiling this blog on the train ride home from NYC, I figured it was time to share with all of you the things that are keeping me cheerful this week.

Last Christmas was when I had the pleasure of trying out Philosophy’s bath and body products. My cousin got me Snowman Body Wash/Shampoo and it was great! This Christmas season they are featuring a “Recipe Box” including Red Velvet Cake and Sweet Creamy Frosting body washes/shampoos. The cool thing about Philosophy’s products is that you can wash your hair and your body at the same time. What a time saver! Plus these two products smell delicious. I purchased mine at Ulta for $18.00, and have been using them every day. My skin is soft, the lather is FABULOUS, and it feels like I’m bathing in cupcake batter. Definitely a great stocking stuffer or gift for your friends! It also comes with two real baking recipe cards!

Next up, Tom Perrotta! I was introduced to his books by my friend Kelly. She let me borrow a book called “Little Children” and I ended up buying it for myself and telling as many people as possible to read it. But this isn’t about “Little Children”, (though that’s a great read) this is about “The Abstinence Teacher.” This book kept me hooked from the beginning. One of the main characters is a teacher, and it just shows what teachers have to go through when the “man” steps into your classroom. The book also gives a look into the world of religion, and what happens when religion and public education mesh together. (It’s disastrous in my opinion–but that is a whole other blog post). To me, the characters were believable, and I loved the flashback style Perrotta used.

Going on with the book theme, my next obsession is Goodreads. I joined it because I’m currently compiling a reading portfolio/unit for a Sarah Dessen novel for my class. I was planning on creating a Goodreads project, but figured I should be familiar with HOW the site works, not just what I’ve heard from fellow bloggers. Needless to say, I’m hooked and I have tons of fun ideas for my future students to use and explore this website. You can add me and I would love that. I especially like the site’s trivia section. It’s infinite!

Finally, exchanging recipes is something else that I’ve recently gotten into. If you remember from Easter I received a recipe box and am currently working on filling it. At my Aunt’s house on Thanksgiving I planned to exchange recipes via snail mail with my cousin’s brother. I sent him a Manicotti recipe and my Taco Dip recipe. The art of letter writing is NOT dead. I love writing letters, and I love getting recipes. Do you have any favorite recipes?

  1. That set is cute. I wouldn’t mind finding something like that for my sister.

    I’m not into recipes but my sis is. I have one that I’m good at and that’s a tilapia/shrimp alfredo.

  2. ooo i love philosphy too but i haven’t used them in awhile. I usually like to buy them as gifts actually. haha. I should buy MYSELF a set and smell delicious all day!

    I would love to say I exchanged recipe but i don’t cook. I LOVE LOVE food and eating out but cooking is just not my thing. I like to bake but not nearly enough as I could/should. One of my new years resolutions is to actually try to cook more but it is difficult cooking for 1 person a lot. :)

  3. I’ve never tried Philosophy’s bath products except for their face wash which I love.. those products you mentioned, I definitely have to try though… just for the scent. =P

  4. Ooh, those Philosophy products look great! I love yummy-scented body products, so I’m sure I would love them if I could find them. I actually have some similar Christmassy food-scented products from a gift pack last year, but it wasn’t the same brand.

    As for the books, I admit I don’t read much and probably will be too lazy to pick up “The abstinence teacher”, but the premise does sound interesting.In fact there are a lot of books I’ve come across lately that sound really interesting but I don’t have the inclination to actually read. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could somehow just absorb the storylines without having to actually scan the pages? ;)

    That recipe box too sounds like a fun idea, hopefully you’ll get some good recipes soon from your cousin’s brother! As for my favourite recipes, they tend to be of the ‘just add water’ variety, hehe.

  5. Philosophy is wonderful!! I think I tried “Amazing Grace”? I believe that was what it was called and I loved it :) Red Velvet cake is a new obsession of mine, so I’m pretty sure I’d love their newest set.

    Taco Dip! I saw your recipe and I want!

    P.S. – Goodreads is a great site! I used to have an account, but eventually deleted it :(

  6. That book sounds interesting. Growing up you always think of the teacher as the man, as an adult you realize teachers aren’t the man, the principal isn’t even the man, politics is more of the man than they are. I really never thought of that until you brought it up in this blog entry.

  7. That bath stuff sounds delicious. I wonder if they sell that anywhere around here.

    Exchanging recipes would be fun, but I never actually use them. I have so many that I have never tried out. I think I’m too lazy to actually cook lol.

  8. The Red Velvet Cake sounds so appealing. I want it.

  9. Is goodreads same as Shelfari? Unfortunately i’m not too fond of reading books, though :( I’ve tried reading Jude Deveraux’s A Knight in Shining Armour and I loved it! Stopped reading ever since. I usually just read if we need to for school. Hehe.

    I don’t know how to cook either but the idea of exchanging recipes sounds interesting!

  10. I don’t really bath products and such. My son and husband have such sensative skin that I have to be careful about what they get into. But it looks nifty.

  11. Lula has a lot of interviews with designers/models etc. Not your usual interviews though. You just have to check it out for yourself:) It is hard to explain:P Lula is deffinitely unlike any other magazine I have ever read.

    That book sounds really good. I am going to put it on my to-read list:) Thanks for the tip:)

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