Things I Love Thursday

Besides being done with moving? Though that might currently be one of the things I love the most, there are always more! It’s good to be thankful, isn’t it?

First up, it’s obviously something to eat. You all know me too well. I might be way late on the bandwagon when it comes to frozen novelties, but I was in the store today picking up something quick for dinner and clearly dessert had to be included with this purchase.

I couldn’t not try this little confection as soon as I walked in the door, ignoring the mailbox and overflowing recycling bag in the hallway so as I promptly plopped into the recliner to watch the Catfish Reunion I dug in.

There are graham cracker chunks in this stuff for God’s sake! I ate a reasonable portion and will know feel a little more motivated to try and run for 3.5 miles instead of 3 this evening when Keith gets home. And as I mentioned in my last post, this blueberry flavor is again delicious and REAL! Like I had any doubt in my two favorite men from Vermont.

Next up, I’m loving The Knot because I can creep wedding venue menus and judge places based on their food offerings (Yes, again with the food). Keith and I are pretty picky and weird when it comes to our food. I’m all about watermelon and feta, but don’t even THINK about putting fish near my pasta. And, if it’s not cucumber and it’s green…keep it away from the Keithmeister. I wasn’t going to sign up for this website because we’re going pretty traditional but they won’t let me see the menus all one one congregated and easy to access page if I didn’t sign up. So, I joined, I’ll definitely lurk a bit, and I’ll enjoy coupons and other freebies that come from the site. Hello Ikea!

Last up for the day is my brand new Armpocket for my iPhone. It’s just not fair to make Keith carry my keys, my phone, and my other stuff in his shorts while we run. His shorts start to fall off and I like being able to run by our beach without the authorities tagging us for indecent exposure.

So, I picked up this little ditty and couldn’t be happier. I put our key, my phone, and some other randoms inside and off we go. Now if only it would fit my water bottle…

This bad boy will also work our nicely for our 5K that we’ll be running in September. I’m totally pumped to run without things either in my pants, Keith’s pants, or my bra. Ultimate freedom awaits!

What are you loving this week?


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5 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. I think I tried that brand of frozen yogurt when I was at my friend’s house awhile back. Since I’m not picky with flavor, I just ate whatever was there, and it was delicious [be it blueberry or something else xD].

    That’s interesting how you and Keith have particular taste with foods. Although it may make planning a tad difficult, filtering your preferences minimizes the chance of having too much choice/options which can be overwhelming [as if planning a wedding’s not already stressful enough right?].

    Oooh nifty little limb pocket! What’s this 5k run for?

    What do I love this past week? Hanging out with my friends while getting ready for grad school. :)

  2. The Ben & Jerry’s frozen yogurt looks yummy (minus the blueberries because allergies), and the Armpocket looks really convenient!

    For me, I’ve been loving Jolly Time’s Blast O’Butter popcorn (THE best), sleeping and music. They’re rather simple things. :p

    I’m going to look for those frozen yogurts to see what other flavors there are in case I come across one that I can have. (And hopefully graham crackers will be included!)

  3. Ohhh, The Knot! My mom used that to plan her wedding out last summer, I caught a glimpse of it a few dozen times when I was over her house, I adore that web site!

    For me, this week? I’m loving the left over, home-made egg-less chocolate chip cookies I made last weekend, the beautiful weather we’ve been having in New England and my newest obsession – Boom Chicka Pop! Popcorn. It’s amazing, you’ll have to try it sometime! :D

  4. I had never ever heard of a graham cracker until I did a show called the Sunshine Boys and since then I’ve seen loads of people talk about them! That and something called junket…? That flavour looks really nice!
    The armpocket looks so useful! I would really like to start running but I’m worried people will laugh at me! If I find something like that I can keep my phone in so I can listen to music I’ll be much more confident running!

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