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Things I Love: Snow Edition

I thought the Northeast was going to get a break when it came to snow this year. Apparently, Mother Nature was saving it all for February. While these photos are from our snowstorm last week, we’re supposed to be due for another snowstorm this week as well. I’m not sure how bad the snow is supposed to be, but I guess we’ll find out. My Mom and I decided that it looked like our dogwood trees had pompoms on them. I thought the whole street looked so pretty enveloped in snow!

Sometimes the snow can really get to you, but there are times when I love being snowed in. Here are some of my favorite things to do when I’m stuck in the house:

  • Read a book (for fun, not for school!): Sitting under a warm blanket on the couch with a good book and my cat. It’s relaxing and fun. The time also flies by while reading.
  • Bake cookies. My mom and I made chocolate chip cookies with an ice cream scoop. They were huge! When I was a little one we always had stuff to make chocolate chip cookies.

  • Message boards: I am a member of a few boards, and snowdays are my favorite days to catch up on the online gossip. I love Exploding Heart, Lights, and fu.chewed-kandi.
  • Organizing: I usually hate cleaning my desk, especially when school is in session. It’s organized chaos especially this semester. Organizing my desk, combining some lists, and rewriting my notes (yup, I’m a nerd) are some great things to keep me busy.

    Last but not least, I love giving myself a pedicure, even if it’s not peep-toe weather. There’s something about soaking your feet (add rose petals for a luxe feel and light scent), and painting your toes a fun summery or spring color that brightens the winter blues.

    While sometimes it can be boring being stuck in the house and waiting for time to pass, keeping yourself busy can really help to make a snow day fun AND productive. If all else fails go outside and have a snowball fight and make a snowman. Maybe those crazy neighborhood kids that live near me have the right idea?

    What do you like to do on a snow day?

    1. Snow is beautiful! We’re lucky If we see snowflakes lol. I got to make snow ice cream with our “tiny” amount of snow we got in January so I take that as a big amount haha

    2. I wish it snows here. I want snowwww. hahaha =))

      I want to try making snowmans and the angel things. I wanna try ice skating in a real ice pond too!

    3. All we got was rain. Now all of our snow is gone. Yay mud!!

    4. I have to say, all the snow is purty. We had a bunch of snow, but living in NYC, I never expect it to stay long, and it didn’t :(

      Lady Impulse
    5. February snows are always the most wicked, the snow flakes are bigger and fluffier and its more likely to get icy afterwards after a little thaw. I loved the fluffiness of it, at least it made for some pretty pictures.

      If it wasn’t for the prettiness I would be even more sick of it than I am already!

    6. I love doings all of those things when I’m snowed in too. Actually, I do those things even when I’m not snowed in, because I stay home most of the time anyway.

    7. I hear ya on the snow! I thought that I would move south to VA and major snowfalls would be a thing of the past, from my Lake Erie days! Turns out the white stuff has followed me! Eeek!

    8. It rarely (and I mean like every 10 years rarely) snows here in SC. So what do I like to do on snow days? Be very amazed and pray that it doesn’t make us lose power.

    9. You have some pretty fun ideas for a snow day. For me, I usually spend the day catching up on my computer stuff. I don’t really do anything special on a snow day besides maybe watching the snow fall down.

    10. I loooove fresh snow after a snow storm! It’s so pretty. I’m not a fan of winter, but it sure makes for some pretty pictures.

    11. a snow can be <3 sometimes.. But not if there’s gonna be a snow storm.. wow you’re mom must be really good in baking cookies.. My mom isnt because shes so lazy for I wanna see the pedicure picture.. That reminds me now that i have to do some manicure and pedicure too

    12. Woah! That snow is so deep!
      My favourite things to do on a snowday include catching up with coursework. And that’s it, it takes up the majority of my time these days. T_T
      I’m thinking about installing Coppermine later on this week. :) hehe. x

    13. Too bad we don’t have snow here but I love your snow pictures :) I love your ideas also on how to get past the boredom of being stuck at home. I used to be part of message boards but not anymore, though. Maybe i’ll be back to posting when i’m not too busy anymore. Hehe.

    14. I totally love all of your ideas for ‘indoor’ activities — A few I’ve never thought of doing, but as for the rest, I’ve been utilising ‘em all winter, haha!

      They’re loads of fun, but still, I can’t wait for Spring … Winter’s such a yucky season overall. In the Spring and Summer, the list of things you can do for fun is neverending, considering you’ve got the outdoors AND indoors to play around with.

      But in the Winter, it’s all about the great indoors. And as nice as the indoors can be, I’m getting seriously sick of looking at walls, LOL.

      However, those wintery shots you took are so beautiful! Is it just me, or does snow always look warmer in photos than it does in real life …? o_o;



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