Things I Love: iPhone Edition

I’ve done some reviews of apps for the iPhone before, but I’ve since re-jailbroken (yay for a 5.0 untethered!) and cleaned out some of my dusty apps that were taking up valuable space for my illegally downloaded music files. So, if you’re on the search for more apps to waste your time, make you look pretty, or turn you into a certified gangsta, you’ve come to the right place. It’s Apple time!

First up, Life is Crime! I’ve been absolutely addicted to this game and it finally came out for iPhone USA users in January. In fact, I haven’t updated about it because I’ve spent the last two and a half months playing it. I kid, but it is addictive. Basically, this game uses your GPS setting to turn your nearby locations into a virtual battleground. You can form a gang, steal locations for other gangstas, become the Kingpin of your locations, drop packages of stolen goods, and more. To be honest, this game is one of my favorite for my phone. I run my end of town, and it’s just a fun time waster that makes you look like you’re doing something important. Best of all? It’s FREE! Red Robot Labs offers R2 coins that get you real swag for real money (much like FarmVille), but you can actually achieve good gameplay without having to spend real money, which I appreciate. Take a lesson from them FarmVille and Pet Society. Here’s to hoping that they won’t get greedy in the future.

Remember Tamagotchi? Boy, did I love those little plastic eggs of happiness. Portable Pixels recently released their own rendition (and the best I’ve seen so far) of a Tamagotchi app complete with adorable pixel design! Hatchi is a virtual pet that doesn’t take control of every second of your life. I load mine up three times a day and play whenever I feel like i. It does cost .99 cents, but I chose to pay the money to support the app developer. Portable Pixels tends to listen to their fans and the updates have been coming in like wildfire which means they’re listening. Besides, is less than a dollar really that much to pay when real Tamagotchis are going for a couple of Bens on eBay?

Last up, the Weave app! I’m a sucker for a planner app, but I tend to end up sticking to my pen and paper planner from yesteryear. However, the new Weave app is fabulous and FREE! The interface is clear, it’s easy to navigate, and doesn’t lag when you load it up. I think I’m also a sucker for an app that talks to me (It sends me a good morning text each day, haha!) but if you’re looking for an app that is functional, free, and without all of the bells and whistles (this one keeps it simple unlike 2do which overwhelmed me), this is the planning app for you. I’m currently using it for my thesis planning and it’s working like a charm.

What new apps have you been using to keep yourself inspired, organized, or entertained? I’m always looking for some more to try out!

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9 thoughts on “Things I Love: iPhone Edition

  1. ooooh I haven’t got wind of the new Tamagotchi app, but I’ll definitely add that to my list of why I have to switch to iPhone. been thinking about it for a month now. android apps kinda need more developments. -.-

  2. Deanna says:

    I think I’m the only person left who doesn’t have the internet on her phone. I just have a basic flip phone, so no apps for me! I was thinking about buying an Ipod Touch at Christmas so I could play with apps, but I decided it was a lot of money for something I didn’t really need.

  3. Grysh says:

    I don’t own an iPhone and I’m not a fan of touchscreens as well but I would love to have that Tamagotchi game if ever. I miss that game so much. I used to own three of it. :))

  4. Shelbie says:

    I don’t own an iPhone either (I dislike touch screen phoness) but I do have a Blackberry – I only wish there was more Apps for this smartphone. I’d absolutely love the Tamagotchi thing and from what I’ve played on iPhones I like the quiz games and the photo manipulation Apps. I also like the Instragram thing everyone seems to have (and the only attractive quality for the iPhone – the camera).

    Apps can be so much fun though, of the few I have on my Blackberry – a picture editing App, social network apps and Sudoku (because who doesn’t love that! haha) it definitely makes life easier and also entertaining when I need it. 😛

  5. alex says:

    LOL illegally downloaded music hahahah!
    WHOA WHATTTT turn your nearby location into a virtual world? that’s INSANE…LY BADASS. :O !!! and omgosh, Tamagotchis!!! i think i had a few…i kinda don’t know what happeened to them lol.

    ooo the weave app! i never used it before but i do need a planner app! i don’t play much games on my phone for some reason but i’ll definitely be looking into the weave app!

    hehe i used to play Air Penguin! but i completed all the levels now LOL but it is freakishly addicting!

  6. Brian says:

    Wow, I remember when Tamagotchi was hot (… and then came the furby doll craze. Ah memories). Wasn’t it possible for your Tamagotchi to die if you didn’t take care of it lol?

    I personally don’t have an iPhone, and I’m not even sure my phone would qualify as a “smart phone” by today’s standards. So I’m amazed how advanced phones are getting. They can be helpful in a lot of ways, like with the planning app you referenced … but I think my soul is too old to carry that much technology is my pocket! Ahh. >_<

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