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The E-cigarette: What do you think?

I’m a smoker. A smoker of Marlboro Menthol Lights to be exact. I started on my Mom’s Merit Ultra Lights when I was 13, stealing a few from her pack when I was going to a local show or hanging out in our shopping plaza. I went to Kool Menthols, Newports, and have been seen smoking Salems when I want to feel fancy. I finally settled at home with Marlboro Menthols when I hit 16 and realized that they are the best menthol in my opinion.

As a smoker, I get the obvious questions from interesting people:

“Don’t you know that it’s dangerous?” – says the girl who gets piss drunk every weekend and brags about her memory loss.

“They give you cancer.” – from the overweight man who continues to munch his fries in front of me.

“They make you smell.” – from the hippie who refuses to use deodorant.

Am I used to hearing these questions and statements? Of course I am. Am I used to getting glares from 20 feet away because I’m smoking a cigarette? You betcha! But from everything I’ve experienced as a smoker, I’ve never heard of the E-cigarette until recently.

This new scientific revolution is an electronic cigarette, and it was on the front page of my USA Today. It comes complete with an indicator light, battery, atomizer, liquids cartiridge, and inhaler tip. These e-cigarettes emit a water vapor substance that contains nicotine, water, and chemicals. What are these chemicals? The article doesn’t say. What it DOES say is that the FDA has tested them and they still do contain carcinogens. The dangers are unknown so far, but further testing is being done on this new cigarette which people hope will help them quit.

As a smoker, I’m not sure about this. I have quit before using Nicotine gum, and the lozenges. Needless to say, I’m an addict! I like smoking, and when I want to quit I will do it, but I’m skeptical about these new “cigarettes.” So, I ask you, smoker or nonsmoker, what do you think about this new “cigarette?” Do you think it’s safer? Do you think it will put tobacco companies out of business? Or do you think it’s a crock? How about smoking something battery powered?

With its smokeless vapor I guess it’d be cool to “light up” in class. Ha!

  1. I’ve heard of this. It’s an interesting concept, but I can’t see too many people buying it. I’m sure they will just want to stick with their regular cigarettes. Plus, it does still have some toxins in it so it’s not like it’s really healthy or anything.

  2. I hadn’t actually heard of the e-cigarette until now…I guess Australia hasn’t caught on yet? (What a surprise! lol). I don’t smoke, but like Britney (commentor before me) said, I don’t think many people will consider it an adequate alternative to a real cigarette. And as for the dangers, I can’t really say much since I don’t know what’s in it, but if they still contain nicotone, then how is that supposed to help people quit unless such a tiny amount that it wouldn’t be satisfying anyway? I can’t imagine the whole idea will end up being very successful. =/

    Btw, I couldn’t help but smile when I read the comments you get from other people about smoking – seems pretty hypocritical, doesn’t it? ;) Everyone has their vices, I think people should just mind their own business if you’re not hurting anyone.

  3. I actually saw the e-cigarette advertised on a website that focused on nightlife and clubbing and I think that is why it came about: because we smokers can’t light up anywhere anymore. I love smoking too! It’s a decision that I make for myself and it’s not like I’m hot boxing The Kid in a closet with a lit cigarette or anything, so I hate being judged for it. And it is awfully funny that people can pick on your bad choices, but not consider their own.

    This e-cig though…I think it has the possibility to do well. Not necessarily with seasoned smokers like ourselves, but among that demographic who has to light up when they drink or who think it’s, like “OMGZ so kewlies” to smoke. It’s still just as bad for the people inhaling it though. Just not from a second hand point of view.

    And I love my Marlboro Lights. I don’t plan on giving them up any time soon.

  4. I’m a smoker too, but I’ve never heard of this E-cigarette. I think if people want to quit smoking they will..when they are ready.

    I’ve never got asked those questions before, but I wonder why others would give a damn about a smokers health when they clearly need to be worried about their own..

  5. im a nonsmoker, and the thing I don’t like about smoking is the second hand smoke. well, this e-cigarette? i guess it still has something unsafe in it. i dont really know..but that’s really interesting. never heard of this before. :)

  6. I also smoke marlboro menthol.. i havent heard of that e-cigarette until now. it’s pretty interesting but i dont know, i dont feel like trying it out or something. :D

  7. I personally hate menthols because I threw up on a subway train once from smoking 12 newport cigarettes. Sure I shouldn’t have smoked that many but either way, ever since that one time, menthol cigarettes have made me sick.

    On the topic of the e-cigarette, a friend of mine told me about it in the middle of this past summer and at the time I thought it was a good idea, but because of all the unknown chemicals, I am very very skeptical. But considering second-hand smoke, I guess the e-cigarette would be helpful. I doubt it will help quit smoking.

  8. Oh, that’s very cool. At least there won’t be smoke anymore when you use it, you won’t see glaring people anymore. :)

  9. hey love! sorry this is off topic but i just wanted to drop by really quick… Here’s a little present from me: Happy Halloween!!!

  10. I’ve heard of this before but I didn’t really know any details. I don’t know if it’s really worth it to be honest. Especially since we don’t know what these ‘other’ chemicals are. I guess only time will tell.

  11. The FCC hasn’t come out with an official stance on it yet, they say that even though the companies claim it is harmless they highly doubt it. I don’t know what I think of it, honestly.

  12. I’ve seen someone use one before, and just thought it was really weird. If you are going to smoke, they smoke. If you want to quit, then use gum, patches, whatever to help you quit. It just doesn’t really make sense to me.

  13. Alright. I am smoker and have been since I was 16, and smoke nothing but Newport 100’s. And I actually went to a tattoo show and saw this guy selling e-cigarrettes. He pretty much talked me into it and I couldn’t deny so I spent 80 bucks on 2 things of menthol, 2 e-cigs, and the filters.

    He convinced me that he smoked newports and this helped him quit smoking because there was no nicotine yadda yadda.

    As for me, I tried to smoke them, and even though they are entirely eco-friendly (and I love being green) they weren’t for me. I ended up just packing them up and not using them ever again. I keep one charged and in my purse JUST IN CASE.

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