I saw this article and had to share. Eating well is hard especially if you’re a college student like me, or just a generally busy person. Check these foods out. Believe me, I’m pretty upset to know that my beloved Awesome Blossom is equal to eating 5 Big Macs.

20. McDonald’s 5 Piece Chicken Selects w/Ranch Dipping Sauce: 830 cals, 55g fat (5g trans fat), 48g carbs.

19. Jamba Juice Chocolate Moo’d Power Smoothie (30 fl oz): 900 cals, 10g fat, 183g carbs (166 of this is sugar!)

18. Pepperidge Farm Roasted Chicken Pot Pie (whole pie): 1020 cals, 64g fat, 86g carbs

17. Ruby Tuesday Bella Turkey Burger: 1145 cals, 71g fat, 56g carbs Ruby’s boasts about this being a healthy entree!

16. Chipotle Mexican Grilled Chicken Burrito: 1,179 cals, 7g fat, 125g carbs, 2656mg sodium

15. Macaroni Grill Double Macaroni ‘n’ Cheese Kid’s Meal: 1210 cals, 62g fat, 3450mg sodium

14. Quizno’s Classic Italian (large): 1490 cals, 85g fat, 4510mg sodium, 90g carbs

13. On the Border Grande Taco Salad with Taco Beef: 1450 cals, 102g fat, 78g carbs, 2410mg sodium

12. Carl’s Jr. Double Six Dollar Burger: 1520 cals, 111g fat

11. Lonestar 20 oz T-bone: 1540 cals, 124g fat

10. Bob Evans Caramel Banana Pecan Cream Stacked and Stuffed Hotcakes: 1540 cals, 77g fat (9 of this is trans fat!), 198g carbs, 109g sugar

9. Chili’s Chocolate Chip Paradise Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream: 1600 cals, 78g fat, 215g carbs

8. P.F. Chang’s Pork Lo Mein: 1820 cals, 127g fat, 95g carbs

7. Chili’s Honey Chipotle Crispers with Chipotle Sauce: 2040 cals, 99g fat, 240g carbs

6. On the Border Dos XX Fish Tacos with Rice and Beans: 2100 cals, 130g fat, 4750mg sodium, 160g carbs

5. Uno Chicago Grill Chicago Classic Deep Dish Pizza: 2310 cals, 162g fat, 123g carbs, 4470 mg sodium

4. Macaroni Grill Spaghetti and Meatballs with Meat Sauce: 2430 cals, 128g fat, 207g carbs,
5290mg sodium

3. On the Border Stacked Border Nachos: 2740 cals, 166g fat, 191g carbs, 5280mg sodium

2. Chili’s Awesome Blossom: 2710 cals, 203g fat, 194g carbs, 6360mg sodium

1. Outback Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries with Ranch Dressing: 2900 calories, 182g fat, 240g carbs

Courtesy of Men’s Health. It feels good to know one of my favorite junk foods is #1 on the worst foods in America. As a typically healthy person, I have my vices, don’t you? Don’t deny it, haha.