teachers, books, and binders

I just got back from my first two classes. It feels good to be back at school but I already know my Literature of The New Testament class is going to be a challenge. We have 4 syllabi(buses?) for the class. I just finished doing the first assignment. Three out of my five classes are with professors I have had before which is nice. I feel all comfortable.

Here’s my schedule for those of you who care, haha.
Monday: Physics from 5-7:30pm (with my high school physics teacher)
Tuesday/Thursday: Shakespeare II 9:35-10:50am & New Testament from 11-12:15pm & British Lit from 6:15-7:30pm
Wednesday: Communications 5-7:30pm

Complete with Fridays off! Last semester I was so sick and so exhausted I decided I need a day off and two days to sleep in this semester. Tues/Thurs are my busiest days but I get to come home for lunch which is amazing. There are not many healthy choices at the Student Center, and I’d prefer not to spend 7.00 on a salad when I can make one at home for free.

The job search is going to take a while I’m sure, since the market is pretty crappy right now, but my parents told me they’ll pay me to do some hardcore chores around the house, so for now I’m fine with that. I need a break. Panera decided after I gave them 2 weeks notice that they didn’t need me, so that’s fine. I’ll go there next Tuesday and get my check and say goodbye to my friends there.

Off to relax for a bit before class!

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9 thoughts on “teachers, books, and binders

  1. Wow, I’m glad I don’t have to take so many classes this semester. Since I came back to school (after 6yrs) I’ve been taking it pretty easy. I did take 12-15 units the first two years of school though. Good luck with all your classes~!! ^___________^ I’m gonna hate it when I x-fer to Uni and have to take a bunch of classes, ughh~

  2. Ah, just you talking about school gets me all excited. I miss college so much, but had not certain problems arise, I would’ve still been there. Thankfully, I start classes again this Spring :) You’ve got a pretty good schedule. I mean, hopefully you won’t be overwhelmed, which appears you won’t :) Good luck, girlie!

    Oh so typical! I hate jobs like that. I mean, you did the right thing and gave the reasonable amount of time before leaving. Jerks. I’m really sorry, Christine :( I think letting you go “early”, was there way of punishing you for leaving them. I’ve had that happen before.

  3. I am glad that you are enjoying your time back at school, and I hope that it continues that way. That is great that you have days off, and get to be home for lunch, it’s surprising how much you can save in a year by eating at home :)

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