Summer 2013 Shorts List (It’s Short…)

Dressing for summer never really had much of an impact on me until I started teaching. Now, hanging around in a pair of shorts from Hollister is a much more appreciated privilege. I never wear shorts to work (I think it’s tacky even with tights…at least for my job), and I actually never used to wear shorts at all! This summer I’m excited about branching out from my regular old pieces and I’m looking at bold colors and prints. We’ll see if I actually go through with it. Here’s my very short shorts list:

Coral and gladiator?

I’m kind of obsessed with Coral. Like…really bad. I have a Coral purse, nail polish, pens, lip gloss, and I rocked a Coral dress to prom eight years ago BEFORE Coral was cool. I probably wouldn’t wear them this short, but I do love the color. I’d really like to try and rock something bright on top and on the bottom, but I’m too much of a wimp. The shoes are just for fun. I like a simple black sandal to balance out the brightness.

Black tank with plaid!


Next up…plaid! I have always been a fan of plaid. It might be my 1990s punk rock roots, but even in the winter, my plaid tweed pants are some of my favorite to wear to work (even though my students tell me they look like PJs. What do they know?) I paired this outfit with some simple bangles and basics. Perfect for a cookout, no?

I usually buy my shorts at least one size bigger. There’s nothing more that I hate than fabric that creeps places it should be on me or anyone else. That’s always been my philosophy. Do you wear shorts? What kinds do you like to wear?

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4 thoughts on “Summer 2013 Shorts List (It’s Short…)

  1. Out of those displayed, I love the black flip flops and the black bangles. I used to be really obsessed with bangles — I still have a lot of them from my collection that I just … don’t use or have any want for anymore.

    I love plaid, too, though. I also love short shorts. I have a pair my cousin gave me that are from a pair of blue jeans she once had that she just… cut. And they’re super short, but also super cute.

    I usually buy shorts at the size that fits, and they kind of need to be tight. I don’t have a high metabolism, but my new diet due to my allergies causes me to continuously lose weight, so they need to be at least somewhat tight to ensure that they’ll fit for a while. Plus, I’m not a huge fan of belts and/or having to pull them up constantly.

  2. I don’t look good in shorts. Short shorts are too short and otherwise, being the tiny person I am, shorts just look too long. I have a couple pairs of capris I’ll wear when it’s really hot out, but I’m usually freezing in AC, so I’ll wear long pants all year round.
    I did just buy a pair of coral skinny jeans though :D my husband talked me into buying them. I like the color, but they’re a bit tight.

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  4. I am all about coral! It’s one of my favorite colors. And I’m loving that cut off jeans are coming back in. Even though in college I definitely preferred the preppy look, since becoming a mom I pine for a more carefree look.

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