Staying Connected Online

There are so many ways to stay connected online which is one of the many reasons why I love blogging and technology so much! When I first became “internet savvy” in the early 2000s there were not as many options of staying in touch. Facebook was not even a thought and Instant Messengers were the way to chat. Over the years I went from updating my AIM profile colors, to learning how to install adobe flash player and finally working with programs like hotspot shield in our new Wi-Fi friendly world that we live in. Nowadays, anywhere can become a Wi-Fi hotspot, so making sure that your computer and information is protected is so important. Learning how to properly install programs and finding programs that can keep you connected with others helps to make your online experience the best it can be. 

When I’m working online in our constantly connected world, I like to have options when it comes to chatting and creating new relationships with others. I have found that many programs can be found on and easily installed on your computer. Games, social applications, Security programs, and even desktop wallpapers can be found in one easy place for free. So, whether you’re a blogger looking for new ways to connect, or a computer nerd with love for nostalgic games, finding everything where you need it is now possible!

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One thought on “Staying Connected Online

  1. Agent Q says:

    Yay for more connections! Personally, I’m not big on downloading apps all around because that just clutters everything. I like the idea though. :)

    I also find it funny how Slender’s still among the top. I kind of expected its ranking to go down a bit since it’s been…how long now? I figured someone else have already developed another game, but wow. Go Slendy! :O
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