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‘Sonnet Saturday’ Archives

Sonnet Saturday #4

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new sonnet from The Bard. I’ve been insanely busy working five days a week and trying to land a teaching job. I also landed a blogging job with ScreenTek, which is a promotional products business that my friend Paul works at. I’ve since had an interview at a middle school and taught a model lesson to an []

Sonnet Saturday #3

With the help of all of you, Sonnet Saturday will now be every other Saturday to leave more room for other bloggy goodness. Since leaving the beautiful and cool weather of San Francisco, it took me a while to get used to the heat and humidity of the East Coast. Between the time change and the weather all of us were feeling quite “blah” for the []

Sonnet Saturday #2

As my second installation of Sonnet Saturday begins (it’s almost 11pm here, so it’s still technically Saturday), I had to include my second favorite sonnet written by the Bard. Sonnet #20, is one of my favorite because of the language and imagery, but also the underlying meaning of true love versus physical satisfaction. And I almost forgot, the []

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