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That evil little tag…

How many of you honestly fit into ONE size no matter where you go? Reading Size 14 Is Not Fat got me interested in the new Vanity Sizing craze. I know this has been going on for a while, but it really made me think. What does that number really mean? Why does this little number on the inside of a pair of jeans make women crazy?

Currently I’m different sizes depending on where I shop. My jeans/capris/shorts come from the Gap (I love Gap jeans and have been wearing them forever!). My shorts come from Hollister, and my sweats come from VS, or from Old Navy/Bob’s. I shop at so many different stores and it’s literally impossible to know what size you really are, and personally I’ve been thinking it doesn’t matter.

My sizes range as such:
Gap: 6
Hollister: 9
Old Navy Sweats/Bob’s: M
VS Sweats: M

This goes to show you it’s really all about the cut, style, and sometimes even the dyes that clothing companies use to dye their clothes. SO STOP STRESSING ABOUT THE SIZE!! Buy what looks great on you. Vanity sizing is a crock of crap, and being one size at every store may be damn near impossible the way manufacturers make their clothes.

If you’re a 2 somewhere, and a 6 somewhere else don’t worry about it. Women are put under so much stress to fit into one size every where, and pressured to fit into an unattainable body image. To me, it’s how you look and feel. How do your clothes look on you? Do you look smokin’ hot in your size 8 denim mini? And super sexy in your size 4 skinny jeans? Then go for it. I think we really need to ignore the labels and focus more on how we look in those mirrors and rock what we’ve got.

I’ve learned to love my childbearing hips after all!! =] And realized that no matter how much weight I lose, you can’t get rid of bone.

My cam image is me wearing my Hollister SIZE 9 shorts, and I think I look damn good.

  1. I loved this post! It’s so freaking true, too! People don’t realize how much fashion sizing is really used. You really just need to ignore the label and figure out what really fits you. The number on the label doesn’t mean anything anymore.

  2. I’m agree with you. But look, a girl that uses a L goes to a store that has L size but looks like a (small) M, and there’s no one bigger and that girls says: wtf i always use L or M but this clothe is to tight for me! It’s normal to go crazy! Or Someone that knows in a store has a XL goes there and the clothe looks like a M. Maybe in USA doesn’t happend, but here in Spain does. I go shopping i took a L and most of them aren’t as big as an L should be or most of the sizes you find are XS because they’re really really small, so just kids can wear or those too skinny girls.
    Hope you understand what i mean i have a bad english and i don’t know how to explain it :S

  3. Rock it :)
    You look great in your shorts!

  4. I not only love this post, But i love that book. Even though the book isn’t really about size, but its a great book, i love meg cabot.

    I think it’s also very important to notice that weight and size are two different thing, when i was a size 6 i was also 150 lbs, I have a very muscular body. When i go shopping i tell myself again and again, it’s not the size of the clothes but how they look on me, I have big boobs, so i make sure to get a large or an extra large depending on the brand, just so that it looks good with my boobs.

  5. I think size 14 usually IS fat. I mean, sometimes you get someone like ANTM’s Whitney or Toccara who is a large size but small body… but usually a size 14 means you are overweight.

    I definitely don’t fit into the same size everywhere, but even if I fit into a 9 as well, that wouldn’t make a 14 OK for me.

    People should talk about fat percentage and BMI at a certain point. It’s really annoying to me when girls are encouraged to love their bodies the way they are when they are overweight. You would never encourage an alcoholic to just learn to love being an alcoholic. Being healthy is important – more important than self-esteem sometimes.

    (You do look great though!)

  6. American sizes confuse me, hehe. Sizes here are so much simpler. For tops, I’m usually a S or a M. For bottoms, I just get 27-28s or an M. I don’t even know what a size 14 looks like -_- Anyway, sizing isn’t really something that concerns me, like, OMG I’M A MEDIUM I’M FAT DIE DIE DIE! It bothers me, though, when my boyfriend insists I’m a 0 cos I’m definitely and clearly not. But that’s a diff story altogether.

    You look hot in those shorts!

  7. Vanity Fair is a vain magazine. Nearly all fashion types are like that so it’s no surprise. I’m a 9, 11 and 13 so there you go =)

    you go with your hips, I have hips too =)

  8. Everyone wants something they can’t/don’t have. It’s a never ending chase. I grew comfortable with my slimness and realize I don’t need a big butt to get guys to notice me. And yes, you look damn good lol.

  9. that’s a really nice and interesting post! we need to stop worrying about that little tag! totally agree! i think european sizes are different from american as well. but i wear different sizes. i really hate buying jeans though. they are always too short :/

  10. Wow, looks like Hollister is bent on making people feel self-conscience about their sizes. That’s a pretty big gap (hehe) between the Gap size and hollister! Personally, I think Gap and Old Navy are my fav stores, as far as like “name brand” stuff. I usually just stick with the motto: “cheaper, the better” I need money though to get a whole new wardrobe…eek! You do look great in those shorts :D

  11. In HS, my size ranged from 10-16. It just depended on the company that made the jeans. It was horrible too, because that always left me confused on which size to try on first.

    I hate shopping at Hollister. I am a size 12-14 these days and I can NEVER fit into their clothes. If I find a way to get their shirts on without ripping them, they are extremely tight and unflattering. I like shirts that fit, but I don’t need people to be able to trace my bra line all the way across my back.

    As for J’s comment – there is something to be considered here. Whitney and Toccara were plus size models. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are fat. What it really means, is that they aren’t toothpicks like their competitors. If you are taller, or have larger bones, or just store fat more in certain areas than others – you could easily be a size 14. I think the average pant size for women in America IS a size 14. So does that mean that all those women are fat? Does that make me fat? Just sayin..

  12. I wear mostly the same sizes even from different stores but I never really stressed about my size. The funny thing is that no matter how much weight I gain or lose, my hips are always the same size = BIG.. I have huge arse hips! Lol. Oh well Im quite proud of my curves though!

  13. Size doesn’t matter, it’s how you carry it. If you look hot in your size 9 Hollister shorts, that’s all that matters.


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