Smart Cars = Smart Savings

Most of my friends own giant SUVs and trucks that drain their gas mileage and cost an arm and a leg to upkeep and to purchase from the beginning. I own a very tiny little car that I have had for over seven years and it’s been good to me from the start. I think in our giant, super-sized world we tend to think that size is what makes a product good, but from my experience it’s been the opposite which is why I love when I see others who enjoy a small car just as much as I do. I’ve seen different types of new Smart Cars and Hybrids, but the smart cabrio offers features that make this car not only a purchase, but an investment. Having a tiny car also means that you’ll pay less in the long run in terms of a down payment and a monthly payment which makes a smart car a great option for college students who are usually on the tightest of budgets. A monthly payment for a cabrio can be as low as 137.00USD a month, which doesn’t break the bank of even a part-time worker. Economically sound and stylish? You bet.

Since I live near a busy city, a lot of my time going to and from work means parking can be a challenge. With a smaller car you can fit into the ever popular compact only spaces. I’ve taken advantage of that myself. I’ve found, too, that with more gas miles to the gallon I can save money as a commuter rather than constantly losing money because of lengthy travels and traffic jams. When you’re stuck in traffic the fumes and exhaust can really wreak havoc on the environment, too. So future studies are being made to see if electric smart cars will provide a solution to that problem.

So remember, size can pay off, especially if it happens to be small.

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3 thoughts on “Smart Cars = Smart Savings

  1. I love my small car that is great on gas mileage. My husband drives it now, because it’s MUCH better on gas than his Jeep Cherokee. I tried to tell him before we bought it, but he just wouldn’t listen.

  2. If I were to buy a car, I would also want a small car. So you have a smart car? Is it a standard? I thought about getting a smart car but it looked like they were all standards and I only know how to drive a manual. And when I say I know how to drive, I should mention that I haven’t actually driven in about 5 years so I couldn’t say with confidence that I ACTUALLY know how to drive lol. But lately I have been wanting to get myself a car. I’m just scared of it breaking down on me and not knowing what to do.

    • My car is not standard. The Echo was the first attempt at the Prius and I get 35 miles to the gallon which is AMAZING. It was made back in 2002, and they only made them for a few more years after that before they turned into the Prius. As for the driving, that makes sense since you live in a city. I wish I was able to use the public transit/walk more places!

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