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Things I Love: Wednesday

It’s the middle of the week, and though I began compiling this blog on the train ride home from NYC, I figured it was time to share with all of you the things that are keeping me cheerful this week.

Last Christmas was when I had the pleasure of trying out Philosophy’s bath and body products. My cousin got me Snowman Body Wash/Shampoo and it was great! This Christmas season they are featuring a “Recipe Box” including Red Velvet Cake and Sweet Creamy Frosting body washes/shampoos. The cool thing about Philosophy’s products is that you can wash your hair and your body at the same time. What a time saver! Plus these two products smell delicious. I purchased mine at Ulta for $18.00, and have been using them every day. My skin is soft, the lather is FABULOUS, and it feels like I’m bathing in cupcake batter. Definitely a great stocking stuffer or gift for your friends! It also comes with two real baking recipe cards!

Next up, Tom Perrotta! I was introduced to his books by my friend Kelly. She let me borrow a book called “Little Children” and I ended up buying it for myself and telling as many people as possible to read it. But this isn’t about “Little Children”, (though that’s a great read) this is about “The Abstinence Teacher.” This book kept me hooked from the beginning. One of the main characters is a teacher, and it just shows what teachers have to go through when the “man” steps into your classroom. The book also gives a look into the world of religion, and what happens when religion and public education mesh together. (It’s disastrous in my opinion–but that is a whole other blog post). To me, the characters were believable, and I loved the flashback style Perrotta used.

Going on with the book theme, my next obsession is Goodreads. I joined it because I’m currently compiling a reading portfolio/unit for a Sarah Dessen novel for my class. I was planning on creating a Goodreads project, but figured I should be familiar with HOW the site works, not just what I’ve heard from fellow bloggers. Needless to say, I’m hooked and I have tons of fun ideas for my future students to use and explore this website. You can add me and I would love that. I especially like the site’s trivia section. It’s infinite!

Finally, exchanging recipes is something else that I’ve recently gotten into. If you remember from Easter I received a recipe box and am currently working on filling it. At my Aunt’s house on Thanksgiving I planned to exchange recipes via snail mail with my cousin’s brother. I sent him a Manicotti recipe and my Taco Dip recipe. The art of letter writing is NOT dead. I love writing letters, and I love getting recipes. Do you have any favorite recipes?

Oh, Internet & Social Networking…

First of all, I apoligize for the major lacking in the bloggage department. Things have been absolutely insane right now with school work, and just living life in general. During my almost three week hiatus (that wasn’t really a hiatus because it wasn’t planned), I was thinking about the world of the Internet that we all live in and the Social Networking that comes along with it. I’m starting to think I’m spread way too thin on the Internet. I know that people have a ton more Social Networking sites than I do, but I’m starting to feel overwhelmed to be perfectly honest.

So, here we go with the list, and why they’re awesome and I don’t want to delete them. And a nifty rating system of tiny little hearts. Maybe this will help me figure out my plight. Oh, and if you’re on any of these, add me. (Ha!) 5 Hearts means I can’t let it go, and 1 heart means the love is already gone. And as for Catster, that’s my cat’s business and I’m not going to rate it. But it is a fun site for kitty people like me.

LiveJournal: I’ve been on it for way too long, my current journal on there goes from June of 2003, so almost 6 years. I’ll never delete it, there’s no way. Although I don’t update it much, that was/is my personal outlet on the Internet, more so than here. I also read my old entries for a laugh every now and then. It’s fun and funny to see how much I’ve changed in the years past.

Flickr: I pay for this one so obviously I love it and don’t want to get rid of it. I’ll probably end up deleting pictures in the future and use it for my kids or something. People can order prints from it, and it’s a great thing. I love the interface, I like being able to upload what I want, and I’ve got some great friends on there. Flickr goes nowhere right now.

Facebook: I hate the new interface, but I like having family and friends all in one place. Next to none of my family members are on MySpace, so FB is good for this. I also like being able to add people from my classes during the semester so when I start to get lazy and miss a class or two I can just wall post them and find out what I missed. One gripe? STOP TRYING TO BE LIKE TWITTER. You’re not Twitter.

Twitter: Simple, clean, easy to use. I like it! Enough said. Once I actually do something with my life and become a teacher, it might be gone. Hell, I like it enough to install and use TwitterFox on my FireFox. Clearly, since Tweets pop up all the time, it’s something I care about.

Listography: I’m OCD, I like making lists, and it’s cool to see how OCD other people are. I don’t update this much, but I do like reading and logging in at least once a week. The site’s mascot is a kitty too, how can I say no? It’s fun to have a list online just in case I throw out that crumpled, cigarette burned, coffee stained sticky note in a cleaning frenzy. I give it three stars because it doesn’t HAVE to be updated all the time like some of these other guys. A once a week login is enough.

MySpace: I really don’t like you. REALLY. The only reason I don’t delete you is because Keith and I also made a myspace for our old radio show. So, I’d still technically be on there and that annoys me. I really, REALLY hate the new layout, the ads, the shitty layouts people make. It was once cool, but I’m really getting over it.

Plurk: I’m getting annoyed, but I have lots of friends on it that I enjoy reading. The EXACT same friends that are on Twitter. Even Keith stopped using it a while ago. And by a while I mean last summerish…I’m thinking this one is going soon. Do I need Plurk AND Twitter?

SocialVibe: Great idea, but I’ve long forgotten about it since they sent me my pink balls. I don’t sell myself on myspace so that badge is probably not giving me any points. I also hate the point system. When there’s nothing else to do I’ll answer the QOTD. But I also don’t want to delete something having to do with charity. Ehh, it just bores me.

With all of this being said, what do you think? Do you delete accounts you don’t use? I have a compulsion where if I don’t delete what I don’t use, I get really uncomfortable. I have to delete it if I don’t use it. I think J and I have talked about this before. Keith can just let things sit and rot on the Internet. I can’t do it. Meh, what’s a girl to do in this world full of social networking?

Books galore!

I found another award from Brandi!! Thanks so much, your blog is one of my favorites to read. <33

The Interesting Blog Award

Awarded by
to Christine

I have exactly two more days left of school. I’ve been studying my butt off and sold all of my books back today and made a whopping $68.00! Considering I kept all of my Shakespeare’s and my study Bible, I did pretty well since there weren’t many books to return for once. This semester has been an absolute toughy considering all of the sick time and work load I’ve been handling, but I honestly feel like I’ve done a great job keeping up with everything and making sure to stay up to date.

As you know I’m an avid reader, and I’ve officially put a book to the site. Said book being Illiad by Homer. I needed a break from the classics and have decided to continue on my journey of the 28 Books challenge with something a little more fun. I just finished Shopaholic and Baby which was amazing, and I’m currently starting After You’d Gone which my friend Kelly gave me for my birthday. I cannot wait to start reading it. I have exactly 17 books not including a short story book and a teaching book I’ve been flipping through. With school out, it’s time to get cracking, wouldn’t you say? I’m ready to complete this challenge!

How neat!!

Awarded by
to Christine

I received this in my e-mail this evening and it made my day!! Thanks so much Britney! <3 Your blog is amazing as well, and I love reading it. <333

my new car

Isn’t she cute? It’s a 2002 Toyota Echo. Super amazing on gas mileage. It’s taking a little bit of getting used to since I drove my Chevy Cavalier for almost 5 years, but I love it!

And J’s comment pretty much helped me decide to bring my cam back. I missed it and it’s damn fun to do. I’ll probably join some portals again eventually. Ahhh, the camming days.

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