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How it all began…

Like every other blogger I know, I began my love of webdesign with Expage, which to my dismay is no longer available for the up and coming blogger. Sad, I know. Who could forget those pixel dolls, blinkies, and CSS shops? From Expage I moved onto geocities where Lulu hosted me on her old domain. We became great friends, and we still write to each other. In 2003, I became the owner of, a personal blog and domain that documented my daily life as a high school student and book enthusiast. When I began college, I started to want a new online identity. I’ve always been known by friends and family as “the girl with the curly hair,” so I decided to make that part of my online image and settled on the name

This website began as a simple blog that documented my life as a college student and slowly evolved into a health and beauty blog as I began documenting my weight loss in early 2007. Now, Curls has found its happy medium as a lifestyle blog that centers on fitness, recipes, cruelty-free beauty, and the daily life of an English teacher who loves to feel great both on the inside and out.

I currently accept paid and sponsored posts since I am just as much of a product junkie as some of my other bloggers. For more about that portion of my blog, please visit my PR page.

The Family

I host some creative folks who dabble in the world of visual art and who have chosen to make their home in my corner of the Internet. I’m proud to be affiliated with them!

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