Product Review: Bare Bones Body Care

My fiance hit the hammer on the head recently. He told me, “You know…you beauty bloggers are pretty brave. Some stuff might…I dunno…melt your damn face off.” And you know what? It’s true! We take a risk every time we review something, but there’s something exciting and fun about it. Now that I’ve gone veggie and cruelty free as of January, that risk has lessened substantially! I’m into more natural products with smaller ingredient lists in both what I eat and what I use on my body (and Keith’s!) Enter Bare Bones Body Care a natural, vegan line made by the lovely Monica. I’ve chatted her up on Twitter  and on their Facebook page and she’s just fabulous. I like forming actual relationships with the PEOPLE behind their products and Monica has let me experience just that! After admitting that I totally had a crush on her products, we connected via e-mail and this gem arrived in my mailbox. 

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She sent me her ENTIRE LINE OF PRODUCTS to sample and review. Seriously! I’ve been working with brands for about three years now and that DOES. NOT. HAPPEN. So let’s dive in! In the package came the three step Bare Bones cleansing system. The Cleanser has three ingredients (see above) and feels like velvet on your skin. I’ve never used a non-lathering cleanser before, so this was a new experience for me that I enjoyed! The vegetable glycerin in the cleanser doubled as my makeup remover as well. It removed my stubborn eyeliner and has a light rose/mint scent from the Rosewater and Tea Tree Oil. Follow up with the Bare Bones Body toner. Can we talk about clean and fresh? The East Coast has had some pretty humid nights, but my skin managed to stay virtually oil free over night. I loved the fresh, light scent of the lemon juice and witch hazel (which I already use as a toner!) Finally, the Shea Butter Moisturizer startled me at first. It was thick, sexy, and way different than my normal night cream (read: I don’t do a night cream…ever…until now). During the evenings I slathered this on my face, hands, and elbows and let the goodness soak in. For my fellow oily skinned sisters, I think it may be a bit too thick for daytime with makeup on top…but try it and see!

Finally, I was able to sample both of the Bare Bones Body Care lip balms. At the time, I was having some skin issues around my lips (which I soon found out was related to a vitamin deficiency), and this lip balm helped me heal up nicely. Both have minimal ingredients (peppermint oil, coconut oil, candillia wax, and cocoa butter). I loved using the Bare Balm during the day and under my lip color. The peppermint has made a permanent home in my purse and I will definitely be ordering more of these lip balms in the future. 

Overall? These products are fun, natural, and they work! The mind behind these products is a friendly and amazingly talented woman and I’m a happy camper. Even Keith (who has a VERY dirty job) enjoyed getting cruelty free clean. Check out Bare Bones Body Care and let me know what you think!



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4 thoughts on “Product Review: Bare Bones Body Care

  1. I’ve recently developed my own skin care routine using cleanser, toner and moisturiser in an attempt to improve my acne. So far it’s working, but I’m always looking for new products to try. I like the idea of using natural products. I think the packaging on these is pretty funky, and would probably attract me to the product more than anything else. :)
    Holly recently posted…Prepare for a holiday in less than a weekMy Profile

  2. As a design nerd, these products were sold to me before I even started reading, cos the packaging is so great. But it’s so great these products worked for you, they seem so healthy and so enjoyable!
    Jess recently posted…Wishlist: DressesMy Profile

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