Get The Skinny On Quick Fixes

On TV everyday you probably see ads for diet pills, drinks, and powders to make you lose weight, have more energy, and DO IT ALL IN JUST ONE WEEK!! Don’t let these distractions throw you off track. On this page I am going to talk about 2 ‘fads’ I fell to, and how I dealt with the consequences. We all want a quick fix, but it’s just not how weight loss works, and in the long run you may end up hurting your body.

Various Diet Pills

Various diet pills have come into my life before I began losing weight the right way. They sound so tempting, and it seems to easy to use them, but don’t fall for these companies tricks! I took Green Tea supplements, and another diet pill that I will not mention for legal reasons.

Not only did they make me feel crappy, but I felt like I was on speed, which is what diet pills really are. Legal crank. I was younger at the time, and my mother and boyfriend ended up finding them and talking to me about how dangerous they are. Many young women are taking Birth Control, or have other habits like smoking or drinking, and these drugs can speed you up so much that your heart may give out! Even a “normal” nonsmoker or someone who is not taking other medications have had complications.

In the end, my pills ended up getting flushed down the sink and filled with water. I felt sad and embarassed, like I was a drug addict. Don’t let yourself get put in this situation. Appreciate your body and change your lifestyle, don’t take diet pills.

Here’s some more inspiration not to take diet pills: In the time it takes you to lose weight on diet pills (they do an 8 week trial), I lost more weight doing it by diet and excercise alone!!

The Sacred Heart Diet

This is by far the worst fad diet out there right now. Other variations are the cabbage soup diet. DO NOT SUBJECT YOUR BODY TO THIS TORTURE LIKE I ONCE DID!!!

This is a week long cleansing diet that claims it will make you lose 10 or more pounds in only a week. Each day you only eat certain foods paired with a tomatoe based soup with different vegetables and greens. THE SOUP IS GROSS!! TO THIS DAY I STILL GAG WHEN I SMELL GARDEN VEGGIE SOUP AT MY JOB!!! I did this diet for 4 days, until I reached the day when I was only allowed to eat bananas and skim milk.

My boyfriend and I were on the way to school for orientation, since we work for the radio station, and I turned blue. It was August, hot, and I wanted the heat on in his truck. I had goosebumps all over me and a headache that was going on day 4. Once we got to school Keith grabbed the first food that he saw (buffalo wings & regular coke, haha), and I scarfed it down and felt better within a half hour or so.

This diet put my body through so much stress, and also if you do this diet, you won’t be able to go to the bathroom unless you’re peeing. Nice, huh? No weight lost, and almost had to go the hospital. Glamorous, don’t you think?

Why Should You Care?

Because it can happen to you. Luckily, I only fell for these fads twice, but there are people who live their lives with these quick fixes. DON’T DO IT! I cannot stress enough how important it is to eat healthy and work out on a regular basis. In the long run you will lose more weight and keep it off!!!

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