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Lifespan: August 2006 – Present


Like every other web designer I know, everybody starts at Expage, which to my dismay is no longer available for the up and coming blogger. Sad, I know. Who could forget those pixel dolls, blinkies, and CSS shops? From Expage I moved onto geocities where Lulu hosted me on her old domain. We became great friends, and we still write to each other.

As an early Christmas present my parents bought me my first domain on E-starr. I chose E-starr because I like to make things difficult for myself. My domain was around for a very long time. I made and still talk to some great friends from that domain and still have some of my layouts saved.

November 2003 – August 2006

That domain was my outlet during my high school years, and a year after I began college I switched to and love my new domain. I picked the name because I have curly hair and I love it. My hair is absolutely insane, kind of like me.



Past Layouts

Layout 1 – Fall Out Boy
Layout 2 – Three Column
Layout 3 – Keith<3
Layout 4 – Collage
Layout 5 – Hear, See, Speak No Evil
Layout 6 – Christmas!!
Layout 7 – Gemma Ward
Layout 8 – Across The Universe
Layout 9 – Christina Ricci
Layout 10 – Two Models & A Goat
Layout 11 – by Keith
Layout 12 – Summer: AF, VS, MAC
Layout 13 – Fall/Winter: Greyscale Models
Layout 14 – Beauty & The Beast by Keith
Layout 15 – Emma Roberts
Layout 16 – Hearts & Text
Layout 17 – Polaroid Header (temp)


I use many different products and software programs to make this site possible. If you’re curious as to how I did something on my site you can use these links or simply e-mail me.

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