I’ve only got eyes for…oh…ah-hem, excuse me! I didn’t know you were there; I must have been lost in the realm of my Pacifica Dream Big Lash Extending Mascara magical love fest. Cruelty free and natural mascaras can be hard to come by. When I switched to cruelty free makeup and cosmetics, I looked for months for one that I really loved. Some were thick and clumpy, some were itchy (wtf?), and some didn’t give me the DRAMA I wanted! It wasn’t until my blog-crush Sunny posted about her faves that I decided to give Pacifica a try! I had a great time using their Stellar Gaze and was completely blown away by their newest creation, the Pacifica Dream Big Lash Extending Mascara ($15.99).  

This mascara is great because it’s made with all natural plant fibers and contains peptides which help to naturally improve lash growth. Double win! The gentle, kind ingredients condition lashes (I had no crumbles throughout the day), and easily washed off with a gentle cleanser. 

What’s awesome about this mascara is the amazing brush and the magic wand feature. (And the unicorn on the packaging, let’s be honest. When you apply the first layer of Pacifica Dream Big Lash Extending Mascara, you’ll use the long brush. Let it dry, twist your magic wand, and use the shorter brush to build volume. This is truly a custom experience. I used my mascara with my regular palettes and eyeshadows and my lashes looked amazing! 

Can we just talk about the lash lines that are visible in my cat selfie? ON SNAPCHAT? My lashes have never been that prominent, and in this photo I have no top liner. A selfie filter that doesn’t cause my lash drama to cease? I’m down!

Overall, I love this mascara and this brand! I’m also stoked that this brand is featured in Target’s Made to Matter collection. Let’s keep spreading the cruelty free message! Beauty, not bunnies (and lashes for days). 

Editor’s note: The products mentioned in this post were provided to me by a representative of the company. I have not been compensated in any way, and all aforementioned opinions are honest and my own.