Why I Shop Online for Basics

I typically love shopping online because it’s so much easier to do! I have a pretty busy schedule, so when I can, I like to get shopping done at home. The best part of online apparels shopping is that I can avoid dressing rooms, trying on multiple styles, and I can have a variety of pieces to choose from which makes everything a lot more convenient for me.

What I typically love doing when I’m shopping online, which can sometimes be a little dangerous, is that I love to put outfits together. So, even if I end up going online to buy a dress or a skirt, I’ll typically end up spending a little more making a whole outfit, or if I don’t end up buying a whole outfit, I’ll end up at least adding it to a wish list to come back later. Most importantly, I always shop online for basics like tees, tanks, and jeans.

So, are you an in-store shopper? Do you shop online? What types of pieces do you buy online? We live in tech-world now! We might as well take advantage of the fashion and beauty opps!

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3 thoughts on “Why I Shop Online for Basics

  1. I shop online for some things, but I always have such bad luck with clothes! I always have to try them on, and a lot of stores don’t allow you to send them back if they don’t fit. :/

  2. I shop online for lots of things but I am terrified to buy clothing. I am 5’1 and 170lbs and have a hard time getting things that fit me right so I feel insecure not being able to try things on. I have friends who bug me about it all the time saying I can get way better prices and so much more selection and unique items online but I am just too terrified to try it.

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