Sometimes I go through products like crazy, and other times, I can make items last for a long time. That’s sometimes because of how often I use something (or who else…ah-hem, Keith), or sometimes because the formula just doesn’t last as long. Anywho, the empties these months are kind of lukewarm for me. Some I really love, and some I could really do without. Let’s chat about them!

A fan favorite here is Nubian Heritage anything, but this month I ran out of one of my favorite hand creams, Lavender & Wildflowers ($8.99). It’s rich, gentle, and smells amazing! Think about a magical field in the middle of a warm summer day. This lotion packs that scent in their tube with Vitamin E and Aloe for extra comfy, cushy, softness. I’m forever washing my hands at work, so this lotion is a must-have!

Next up, I’m gonna gush about Lush’s Dirty Springwash ($19.95) even though every other cruelty free blog in the universe talks about Lush. There’s a reason for that; their products WORK! The dirty line is no exception to this rule. Menthol, Spearmint, and Sea Salt cleanse you like a minty margarita. This body wash has some serious lather and rinses clean. I love how awake my skin feels after using this. Dirty is perfect for right after the gym, or early in the morning to wake up your senses. Keith is a fan of all things from the Dirty line. I’ve even used this on my face in a pinch. Get dirty to get clean? Well, if you insist…

As a curly girl, I have some serious drama after the shower. Detangling, moisturizing, and styling are sometimes a real process. The DevaCurl No Comb Detangling Spray ($19.95) is the solution. The scent is fresh and light and the product does what it says. You spray it, you style, you have no knots. Period. Lemongrass, Mint, and Rosemary pack a punch. And did I mention? Deva does not test and are working on making more of their products vegan! 

Last up, a product I’m actually conflicted about. Burt’s Bees is a brand that is cruelty free, but owned by Clorox. I don’t believe in blaming children for their parents’ faults (teacher logic here), so I tend to give chances to brands who are cruelty free but owned by a parent company that tests. I want to vote with my dollars, and I want them to see that people are opting for their cruelty free brands. That’s not why I’m conflicted though. The Gud, Pearanormal Activity line has some great and not so great qualities. Nothing is more than $7.00 from this line which is very budget friendly (yay!), but the shampoo stripped my hair (boooo!). The scent is fresh and delicious (yay!!!), but the conditioner made me break out since it didn’t rinse clean (boooo!). I wouldn’t buy this line on my own, but maybe for a non-curly girl this line will work better. 

What have you used this month???