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New Toy!!

My old straightener was a dinosaur. It had huge hot plates on it which my hair dresser told me was bad for my hair and I should switch to a thin plated straightener. Plus, that old boy has been in my bathroom since I was in high school. Without further ado, I stopped at Ulta and bought myself a new straightener. A Zoe with a limited edition design and purple hot plates. Super!

I used it yesterday to test it out (much to Keith and my Dad’s dismay. They hate, HATE, when I straighten out my curls). First I wanted to see how long it was when it was straight, and it’s well past my shoulders now.

I decided to be silly and hide behind my massive amount of hair. The total straightening time was about a half hour which is amazing since my hair is so thick and curly. I also picked up some straightening product which also protects hair from heat. It’s by got2b and it’s called XL Conditioner. Amazing product for only 6.00!

When it comes to my hair, I absolutely love my curls. I didn’t really begin to appreciate them until I was in high school. Everyone I know loves my curls the best too. But sometimes it’s fun to have a bit of a change. All it takes is one drop of water and I’ll have a GIANT curl where ever that water drop fell. When I straighten my hair I feel like a different person. I also look so much like my Mom that it’s almost scary how close the likeness is.

This iron was only 29.99, so if you’re like me and only straighten your hair a few times a year (I’m lazy, what can I say?), this is an amazing straightener. It works, it’s pretty, and it’s not a drain on your wallet.

  1. It sounds like you found some good buys! I’m glad it does a good job. I would be upset with anyone who has curls and makes them straight. I would LOVE to have curly hair. My hair is pin straight and I can’t get it to do anything otherwise. It’s very annoying.

  2. I’ve never heard that huge hot plates were bad for your hair!! Damnit.. that seems logical though. I love my 2″ plates because I get my hair straight really fast.

  3. I need a new straightener bad. I love small ones, but for long hair, it can be quite a pain. You know I love your hair best straight!

  4. You look so pretty! But I agree, your curls are very beautiful, and natural is awesome. Every once in a while, straight hair is a good mix with the usual wild curl. That’s a good deal on a straightener, but I usually just let my hair dry wavy because its so thin and damaged I don’t want to ruin it anymore than it already is.

    Lady Impulse
  5. I lovessss it :) Although your naturally curly hair is love, I still like when you straighten it. Nice deal!

  6. I also have natural curly hair but almost everyone I know loves my curls because they’re like big rings or something. Well actually, WERE LIKE BIG RINGS because ever since I got my hair rebonded, the pretty ring curls never came back. :(

  7. OMG, I’m so freakin’ jealous of your long hair. I JUST wrote a blog entry going on and on about how I wanna grow my hair long again, and then I see THIS! Eeek! Jealousy through the roof. XD;

    Also, I think it’s wonderfully you’ve got naturally curly hair — Mine falls somewhere in between ’straight’ and ‘curly’ when it’s unstyled, and I’m not too fond of this fact. -_-;

    However, you look awesome with straight hair, too — I say do it more often! It’s so sleek looking. ?

  8. Oh, shizzle, that question mark was supposed to be an alt code heart. Apologies. ><;

  9. That’s such a cute looking straightner. I have a chi, myself. I also have big curly hair, but I straighten it nearly everyday. I’m the opposite of you, while they’re nice now and then, I really don’t like the way I look with them, and since I like to pin my hair in so many different ways, its just easier to straighten it, even if it is more work. Its true what you say though, you look like a different person.

  10. $29.99 is a great price for a hair straightener. The one I have isn’t all that great, so I might head up to Ulta and buy one like this.

  11. You’re lucky to have curls! Mine is naturally wavy, so if it air dries it puffs out and is so horrible, so I straighten my hair everytime. I got the instyler for Christmas (which is fairly pricey) but actually works fairly well for me! :)

  12. I’d like to invest on a good curling iron and flat iron too…someday. Hmmm. :)

  13. Oh I envy you because you love your curly hairs, I hate mine. Because I’m wavy. Anyway, I love your hair straightening. :)

  14. That is such a cute straightener. I’m going to need a new one soon, so I may look into that!

    How did the got2b work on your hair? I’ve used other straightening products before, and none of them seem to work, they just make my hair MORE frizzy! :(

  15. Great price & makes your hair look awesome! Can’t be that! :)

  16. You look really good with your hair straightened! The curls are lovely of course, but like you said, sometimes it’s nice to mix it up a little. :) And wow, a $30 straightener that works that well is really something! I’ll have to look for something like that here…my old straightener (wherever it is now, lol!) is a “dinosaur” too. :P

  17. I have naturally straight hair, but I straighten my hair quite often. If I don’t, my hair looks weird. I don’t really know how to explain. lol

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  19. It looks nice straight! I’m never able to use a straightener. Everytime I straighten my hair, you can see how …unvolumey it is. Blah, I’ll keep my scraggly wavy hair, but I do like how yours looks!

  20. You look nice when you have straight hair, and your curly hair looks nice as well. Good buys you got there! Nice!

    I’m actually thinking of buying my own hair iron so I can have straight hair too. =D

  21. My straightener is getting pretty old as well, I’ll keep an eye out for that one. It is a cute little thing. I have big funky waves and my hair is really thick like yours. It takes me FOREVER so I don’t even bother doing it everyday.

  22. Your styling iron looks awesome, i’m actually looking into getting one myself just when i’m bored here at home. I’d probably decide on styling my hair for no apparent reason HAHA. You can pull off curly and straight hair, that’s awesome. Not a lot of people have that quality :)

  23. Ohhh la la, pretty sraightener!
    I wish I had curls, my hair is just wavy and too thick.

  24. I had to buy a straightener for my girlfriend. I got it from Walmart a few years ago for like $20, it is a wet dry one, apparently it is the best one she has ever owned, which is weird since her grandmother owns the beauty salon store downstairs.

  25. Haha you look like the girl from the RING when you’re hiding behind your hair. CREEPY!!!!! Yeah, I bet it looks better curly… of course, you should keep it that way anyway or else you might need a new domain! heehee. My hair is the same way. You look pretty no matter what, though. ;)

  26. Your bathroom is soooo cute an pink! I love my Zoe iron! :)

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