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Somehow the calendar turned to June this morning and I’m having a crazy hard time thinking about where the summer is going (or where it’s been if you live near me). Despite the fact that the East Coast weather has been manic, I’ve managed to have some great times within the past few weeks. Keith and I have adopted a (more frugal if possible) lifestyle now that we are anticipating big-kid bills, but we still managed to celebrate my birthday with Alkaline Trio, I got a chance to take advantage of the gift cards stuffed within my wallet, and, of course, I spent some time doing my usual teacher/writer thing. Here’s what it looked like:









There’s Keith and I waiting to go into Toad’s Place for Alkaline Trio. We haven’t seen the trio since we were in high school so this was a real treat. We were that close to Dan Andriano too since we’re old now and get everywhere early. Even the openers were great!








Next up, I did some impromptu academic advising for my neighbor who just got accepted to the university where I teach. Awesome! Double awesome: the fact that I had a Starbucks and Barnes and Noble gift card and got to pick up some fun reading.

I finished the week off by spending some time with my adorable cat, Nina. She loves sitting on clean laundry that needs to be put away. I personally love the little paw curl that she’s doing, too. Now it’s her first summer here at my house and it’s a special time. I remember watching Socks sit and look out windows when the weather got nice, and now I get to make new memories with Nina.

Usually she spends the day flirting with Keith and eating snacks, but recently she’s been hanging out with me during the day when I’m editing and working on my courses for next semester. It’s nice to have a fuzzy friend to sit with.

My students from this past semester were betting on how many cats I would have when I get older and we’ve settled on six. Let’s see how big of a house I’ll actually need once I hit the  crazy(ier??) cat lady life stage.


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5 thoughts on “My Week via Instagram

  1. Aw, kitty! She’s all, my clothes, you can’t have them!
    Sounds like you had a happy birthday :)

    To reply to your comment, nope, never been to San Francisco. Never been to CA at all. Bryan refused to go for the longest time because he’s convinced there’ll be an earthquake. He’s still convinced, but now that his brother’s there, he’s willing to risk it.

  2. haha yes, the weather has been a bit flip-floppy lately! happy belated birthday!!! and your cat is adorable! yay for new memories with nina ^_^

  3. I felt that my recent comment wasn’t enough since it was on a giveaway post. So I decided to give you another comment. Better late than never?

    I’m glad to hear that you had some nice moments in the past few weeks. Happy belated birthday! It sounded like you had a busy week with all of the academic advising and celebration. Your cat is so adorable :3.

    Take care!

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