My Favorite Movie Fashions

I find myself paying close attention to what the leading characters wear in some of my favorite movies. It might be the blogger/shopaholic inside of me, but it’s something I just can’t NOT notice. Here are some of my favorite movie fashion outfits and why they rock. And before we get into that, Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate! Enjoy, have fun, and be safe!

Katherine Heigl in “Life As We Know It”

I loved almost EVERY outfit she wore in the movie whether she was at her bakery or at home taking care of the baby. My favorite outfit is her easy, yet elegant, way in which she masters the blazer and skinnies. I have one black blazer and have still been too chicken to wear it with jeans. Sadly, it’s been lost to the world of interviews and conferences. Either way, throughout this whole movie she looks real, sexy, and fun. I have a girl-crush on Heigl to begin with, but her outfits in this movie were fabulous and menswear is just gorgeous when done correctly.

Drew Barrymore in “Donnie Darko”

The quirky, funky English teacher who reads aloud from Graham Greene’s “The Destructors” was enough to make me fall in love with her, but her retro styles made me love her even more. I loved how she paired a simple dress with a funky belt–and the glasses around the neck took the cake for me. When I’m older, I’m buying into the embellished glasses/necklaces and I don’t care who makes fun of me for it.

Natalie Portman in “The Black Swan”

As a former dancer, ballet fashion has always been a favorite of mine. The delicate layers, the tights and legwarmers, it’s one of my favorite looks. Natalie nailed it, though I had no doubt she would, and has the poise to pull off the look perfectly. I love her long sleeved shrugs and slinky camisoles. I’ve pulled this off with a pair of flats and skinny jeans and brought my long forgotten ballet style back to my every day wardrobe. Now if only I could find a way to wear my old pointe shoes…

Brad Pitt in “Fight Club” and Norman Reedus and Sean Patrick Flanery in “The Boondock Saints”

Because I do know that I have some quiet male readers (I see you, vaultmen!) I think it’s only right to include some of the most impressive male character fashionistos (?) I’ve seen in a long time. The awards go to Tyler Durden’s outlandish fur coats and sunglasses (and overall badass-ness) and to the “Saints of South Boston.” Even when they’re kicking some serious butt they still manage to make sure that their pea coats are pressed. Maybe I just love hard core guys who have tattoos and a good sense of mixing funky with classic, but these boys win the award from me.

Who are some of your movie character style icons?

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4 thoughts on “My Favorite Movie Fashions

  1. We’re kind of like the total opposite! Haha. You notice what characters wear in movies & I notice their makeup. Weird, huh? :)

    Sadly, I haven’t seen any of the movies that you listed. :( I do like what Katherine Heigl wears in every single movie she’s been in. I want her stylist!

  2. I like to watch styles too. I tend to like Kate Hudson’s outfits, like in You, Me, and Dupree. Also Jen Aniston, in the Breakup. Maybe I just envy their thin sleek body type and lots of clothes looks good on them.

    Katherine looks good in Life as We Know It, I’ll agree.

  3. to be honest, i don’t really have a style icon from television since i dont really watch much tv nowadays >< but i really like rachel bilson's style in one of her movies..can't remember it now idk

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