Mascara Tips & My favorites

I absolutely love Mascara. It’s a beauty product I wear almost everyday, even more than eyeliner. Mascara can open your eyes up, make them look bigger, and of course give you dramatic, lush lashes. There are mascaras for thickening, separating, and adding volume to your lashes. Total Beauty gives perfect lash tips, tricks and more. Here, I share some of my favorites, and the mascaras that I couldn’t bear to lose!

– Use a zigzag motion to separate lashes if you’re using a traditional wand brush.

– Apply to the inner, outer, and middle sections of your lashes. Those tiny inner lashes sometimes are forgotten.

– Wipe your wand gently with a tissue prior to applying. This helps get rid of clumpiness.

– CLEAR MASCARA! Great for a natural look, and also doubles as a brow gel to tame fly-a-ways.

– Replace your mascara every three months, and if you have just gotten over an illness or eye ailment throw it away ASAP! Wands can be breeding grounds.

I have three mascaras which I am currently in love with. My favorite being MAC Pro Longlash. I love the deep, rich black! The packaging is sleek and easy to stow away in a purse. This mascara is non-clumpy and makes lashes so long and lush. The longevity of the product is amazing. All day length, no clumps, and no smearing or smudging.

MAC’s Pro Lash Colour is another love of mine. White mascara can be super daring, or subtle. I love white mascara as a primer before adding color to the tips of my lashes for a bolder look. I also wear it alone on the outer edges to brighten up my eyes.

And last but NOT least, Covergirl Lash Blast is amazing! I have it in dark brown which gives a subtle look. Black has always been more dramatic for me. The brush is thick and has many tiny applicators which make sure that every lash is lengthened. Mascara makes any makeup look in my opinion. It’s a great way to finish out a look for work, or for going out at night, and it’s more versatile than people think!

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13 thoughts on “Mascara Tips & My favorites

  1. I was going to buy a new mascara tomorrow. Weird hey, Im not happy with my current one so I shall look for the Covergirl one. I just adore covergirl, except I cant wear their foundation as it gives me nasty rashes.

  2. i love mascara too i wish i had thick lashes but i dont so mascara and falsies are my best friends haha :)

    i love the too face lash injection i think that works wonders

  3. Like Belinda, I use the Covergirl as well. I’ve had nothing, but good luck. However, I’m always up for something new. I recently purchased some Mac mascara with an angle brush, but haven’t used it yet.

  4. Thanks for the tips. I love to use mascara too, but I always have to use it with eye liner. I usually use cheaper brands that they only sell in the UK, as if I pay more I am always disappointed with the results.

  5. Those are some good tips about how to take care of your mascara. I used to have colored mascara like purple and blue. I loved it. I haven’t been able to find any since them though. I guess it’s not that popular lol.

  6. I am a huge fan of Maybelline… mostly because it is CHEAP! At least, as far as mascara goes, Maybelline is one of the few brands that is both cheap and good. I love mascara because it is a quick and easy way to open the eyes. I am admittedly lazy about my makeup… I am not one of the types who spends a long time putting on makeup in the morning. But of course, when have any kind of professional interactions with people, you have to fix yourself up enough to look… professional. So I love that I can throw on mascara and a few other little things, but they’ll really brighten my face. :)

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