It’s been a good long while since I’ve had a wishlist. I’m an adult after all, I just go buy whatever I want when I want it. I’m also the financial manager of the household (or CFO as I like to call myself), so sometimes putting things on hold is the realistic (read: mature) thing to do. Pay attention, Keith…our first anniversary as married folks is coming in a few months! 😛


The list begins with this fancy pants Asobu Flavor Infusing water bottle. I’m the queen of cups and water bottles. I love buying new ones. And I use them…quarterly. I feel like this one is something I’d actually use.

It’s pretty, and I can put cut fruit in it…and I’m way too impatient to make a big pitcher of water and WAIT for it to infuse.  This one comes in cool colors, too and it’s glass which appeals to me. It just seems like more of an investment. 

The idea of infused water makes me feel healthier just thinking about it. Yes, I know I’m a marketing exec’s dream. Shut it. 




Do you feel more organized? I do!
Do you feel more organized? I do!

I think I’m just overly excited about paper and planners as a whole. Though the Erin Condren Life Planner was NOT for me, I do love the simplicity of Kate Spade’s agendas. Her overall design is awesome, but since my Erin Condren debacle, I just haven’t allowed myself a pricey planner. A planner is something you have to use every day, and if you hate the thing…you’re not going to use it. And, if you spent an exorbitant amount of money on the thing AND you hate it, you’re going to force yourself to like it. 

This layout features a weekly spread and I can see my WHOLE week across the pages which I need when it comes to teaching and making life plans. I also dig the black and white which is classy, stylish, and matches almost everything I wear. 




These stupid lacy shorts that look like underwear. I don’t even know. I just want a pair because they look so damn comfortable. 

I mean…my middle schoolers wear shorts like this. So do people my age. So do women who are much older than I am. With that being said, I’m really lusting after a pair (in black), but I’m not so sure I would actually rock them in public. At home? At a family cookout? Sure. But on the boardwalk near my house…maybe, if I’m feeling daring. 

I’ve recently taken a liking to my legs (about two summers ago I started wearing shorts), and I’m not shy about showing them off. I just need to get more daring with my patterns and cuts. Maybe in August…


Too many things from Etsy (this avocado necklace for example), and almost every bonus pack from Michigan Antler Art, which I’ll admit is not really for me, but for Myles! 

What are you looking to buy? What do you think I should force Keith to buy for me? I kid. Kind of…