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Just too awesome…

I had a pair of heart shaped sun glasses when I was just a little one. I remember loving them. There’s something about little kid accessories that just make you happy (especially when they’re made for grown-ups, haha).

Too fabulous?

Kathleen and I picked up these bad boys at Old Navy when we were out after getting our nails done and shopping for V-Day. And yes, I will be wearing these out in public. Five dollars for glasses that make me giddy? I say that’s a pretty good deal.

  1. Ahh I have the same ones except the frame is pink haha. You have been gone so long I missed you Christine!!! I am definitely seeing Alice In Wonderland by the way, so many good actors!!!

  2. I like the glasses you got. But too bad, I have very bad eyesight every time I wear glasses, maybe because I’m not used to it.

  3. Heh, awesome sunglasses, I wish I could just go and pick up sunglasses, unfortunately with my eyesight I can’t.

  4. I had a pair as well when I was a kid =D Fun times!

    You’re adorable, my lady!

  5. Haha I have some glasses that look almost just like that! I think mine were a random purchase from Rue 21 last year.

    Lisa Hays
  6. Heheh! How very awesomely stylish! I want some too! :)

  7. I think “little kid accessories” are hot too. I have a pair of heart shaped glasses, but mine are red.

  8. I had to get a pink pair when I saw them at Walmart, just because I had them when I was a kid and now they’re for big kids! Before that I was sad because they only ones I could find were too small for my head. <3

  9. Oh the glasses are so cool! :3

    I got a round one. LOL

  10. haha they’re cute :D

  11. Bwahaha, aww! What a cute snapshot, haha. >w<; I bought myself a pair of heart shaped glasses a few years ago, and I still have ‘em!

    Only difference is I had to pay about fifteen bucks for ‘em and I had to order them online, because I wanted black framed ones … Which are apparently extremely rare in actual IRL shops. o_O;

  12. hurray for cute glasses :)

    Sandra – If it comes in pink
  13. Looks great on you. <3

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