A few cool things have happened in the past few weeks. Of course, 2016 is here and in full swing. After a season of food, snacks, events, and hustle and bustle it’s nice to just have some downtime. Right before the new year, I entered Holly’s giveaway over at The Little Blog of Vegan and scored some amazing Vegan candy and lip tints from the UK! Can we talk about their version of our sour gummy worms? I have to really check my gummy candies since going plant-based, and Jealous Sweets are delicious. I’m totally obsessed with Tangy Worms!

For 2016, I’m really going to try to regularly write again in a journal. Yes, if you search up my 2015 goals you’ll probably see something similar to that. Writing is so cathartic. I need to stop counting the grocery list as “real writing” and start being more reflective in my practice. We’ll see how that goes!


Last but not least, I’m obsessed with Tone It Up their clean eating recipes. They have a drink called the Bombshell Spell that you have each morning to wake up and get energized. It’s comprised of 4 oz Pineapple Juice, 2 tbsp Raw AVC, and a squeeze of lime. I omit the honey and have a perfect CF detox drink for the morning hours. Can we talk about their chocolate protein pancake? Yep, it’s delicious! I’m thinking 2016 is going to be a great time to look forward to goals, challenges, and more! Someone remind me to keep writing in a real journal, will you?