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It’s All Fun and Games ‘Til Someone Gets Eaten

As a teacher, I should be aware of what goes on in the news, right? Well, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not. I rarely watch the news, and though I am armed with RSS Readers and news apps on my phone, you’ll rarely see me reading them. I’ve been trying to remedy this issue, but my lack of being an informed citizen is besides the point. A few days ago I heard about the story in Miami in which a man attacked another man, ate his face, and then didn’t react to being shot several times by the cops. I almost didn’t believe it when I heard it. People are eating people? My first thought was, “Angeldust…drugs…that’s the only way this could have happened.” But then, the second part of the story hit me: the attacker did not react to being shot, and it was a head shot that took him down. I quickly did my research with Keith. What we found are a collection of the following links, and a few more that I ended up finding today:

Grab Your Broomsticks – a chronology of odd events leading up to the “Miami Zombie.” To be honest with you, it sounds a litle dicey to me. But…it could also be coincidence. We start with strange rashes, and we end up with a “Bath Salt” induced attack? Could the chemicals found in the “bath salts” be elsewhere? This article was posted on May 29, but the event chronology links back to May 16 with the mysterious rashes.

An update about Rudy Eugene’s last hours which discusses the possible causes of Eugene’s gruesome attack. Also posted on May 29.

More Weird Stories – posted three hours ago, this article mentions other recent stories of “cannibalism” and erratic behavior. I can’t say that this doesn’t seem strange that all of these events seem to be happening at once.

In the beginning of the month, the CDC posted a blog titled, “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse” and though first viewed light-heartedly, the link is now inaccessible, and perhaps the content wasn’t that far off from what we should be aware of. Whether it’s “bath salts” that are causing people to act like animals, or it’s a disease that deteriorates flesh (click here for more about that), I’m considering the fact that although a “Zombie” can’t, in my opinion, rise from the grave (burial vaults make that 99% impossible–I date a vault installer so I know these things), a disease that can cause a rational human being to turn into an insatiable beast is something to be concerned about. Whether or not you want to believe that the Zombie Apocalypse is beginning, I think we can all agree on the fact that something is not quite right with our world.

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11 Responses to “It’s All Fun and Games ‘Til Someone Gets Eaten”

  1. Grysh says:

    I’ve heard about the news about having a Zombie invasion and stuffs, then i found the Miami story. It actually scares the shit out of me. I’ve always been scared of zombie movies and stories, probably because I am scared of blood and there’s blood all over them; plus the fact that they eat human flesh which is just totally gross. But so far, the news have only been in the internet. I haven’t read them o our local newspaper yet or read them on the TV news which made me think that they probably didn’t have sufficient evidence to announce it to the world yet that may cause great panic for some (like me). I did a little research though and found that it wasn’t caused by bath salts at all. It is caused by a new virus, or some called it bacteria, that eats the human’s brain nerves & cells causing them to not know what they are doing. Since humans are really omnivous by nature. When they’re hungry, they feed on anything and it just so happens that the man was there. The latter part is just my theory. Now the virus is said to be called LP *something*. I’m sorry I forgot and I don’t dare to search about it anymore. I saw the photos once and almost vomited infront of my computer. -_-


  2. Valerie says:

    It’s really hard not to be paranoid these days with all of the stuff in the news. That story seriously freaked me out with the man eating that guy’s face. :/ It makes me not want to leave the house sometimes.


  3. Anna says:

    My first reaction when I read your post was “Whoa!” That really happened? It does make you wonder what this world coming to. And I agree with you when you said “something is not quite right with our world.” It’s alarming and sad to see things like that happening now.


  4. Holly says:

    That is seriously weird! I totally don’t believe in zombies or anything like that, but still, it is a bit creepy. o.O


  5. Justin says:

    In my opinion, weird shit like this probably happens all the time. But since one story got super duper popular, now people are noticing all of the other ones. It reminds me of last year when a bunch of birds fell from the sky, everyone panicked, and then people noticed similar things like lots of fish dying, etc… Even though these things always happen, people don’t notice them until they’re in apocalyptic-mode! So yeah, we probably shouldn’t fret a zombie attack.

    But this image is funny as hell regardless:


  6. Mallory says:

    I was actually super excited when I heard about all these stories at once. I’m not alone in kinda hoping for a zombie apocalypse, but it’s not a terribly popular wish, either, haha.

    No kiddin’, either! I think it would be extremely interesting and refreshing and eye opening to go through something like that, and, of course, live through it. But then again, I’m kinda wanting a total life rehaul at the moment — Not sure where my life’s headed at the moment, TBH — So maybe I’m just a tad biased, heh.

    Haven’t heard anything new since those stories, though, so I’m kinda going with the general consensus of ‘Yeah, it ain’t the apocalypse yet’.


  7. Rachel says:

    I was really creeped out when I heard about the man eating another man’s face in Miami. Unfortunately, I accidentally saw a picture, too. I sincerely hope the perpetrator was on drugs… no zombie viruses for me, thanks.


  8. Alex says:

    yeah all of this news is pretty insane X_X you heard about the guy in Canada who killed and ate pieces of his boyfriend? @_@ so scary…your post is kinda reminding me of resident evil! oh man…i just hope we don’t hear about things like this happening again anytime soon!


  9. Trisha says:

    I always thought a zombie apocalypse would be cool.. Like in the movies, you get to hunt them down with weapons and stuff. But now that these types of news are coming out, I’m very very scared.


  10. Annabelle says:

    I’ve heard about the ‘cannibal’ in Miami – I don’t think it’s a zombie apocalypse or something similar at all, to be fair there have been thousands of horrific murders whilst the influence of drugs has been a factor, it’s only this one which has come to light recently. I’ve watched too many zombie movies to know how to protect myself anyway, say worse came to worse! :P xxx


  11. Deanna says:

    Haha, I like your blog title. Once I read the first paragraph the title wasn’t quite as funny though. When I was teaching I tried to read the headlines of the online newspaper every morning so I would have something to talk about with the other teachers in the staff room. But since I stopped teaching I also stopped reading the paper.


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