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INET Obsession: We Heart It

A few weeks ago Cecilie posted about a site called We Heart It. I checked it out and ended up joining, and I’m addicted. It’s one of the greatest image sites ever in my opinion. I love looking at pretty photos, and it’s easy to sign up for, navigate, and search. I used some of the photos for my notebook collage I made for Keith’s birthday & I’ve also used some for my school portfolios. Without further ado, I present to you, some of my favorite We Heart It images.

1. Kitty Paws: I love kitties and I love their feet.
2. Gas Mask Love: I used this one for Keith’s collage. He collects gas masks.
3. Stars: I just thought this one was so pretty.
4. Desk: I just love office supplies & organization. This photo is awesome.
5. Butchered Cupcakes: Whoever made these is GENIUS!! I want to try making a variation myself.
6. Chicken Noodle Ciggies: Hilarious and cute at the same time.

I have a ton more on my WHI account. I especially love their tagging feature because now I can view all the cupcakes and cats that I so desire. If you’re on WHI, please add me!! I love browsing other people’s favorite photos.

  1. I have to agree that kitties and cupcakes are two of my favorite things. :)

  2. I love that site! I added you as a friend. :D The last picture is hilarious.

  3. I just wrote a new post about it as well. I never get tired of browsing that site:) It’s amazing!

  4. I love that website! I saw a whole bunch of beautiful fashion photos. I died!

    The cupcakes are my favorite! Such a neat idea!

  5. I’d never heard of that site before, but I’m looking at it now and I’m really enjoying it! I’ve already seen quite a lot of amazing pictures – thanks for the link! :)

    I especially love the last two pictures you posted, the cupcakes and the chicken soup/cigarettes. Very clever!

    I’m off to look some more, lol…thanks Christine, there goes my morning study session! XP Hehehe. :)

  6. Oh my gosh, those cupcakes are delightful. I wish I could do something like that at my job.

    Haven’t commented you for ages Christine. Hope you’re well love. xxx

  7. I’m totally addicted to it too!

  8. wow. looks like a great site.. i will check it out after posting this :D

  9. I love those cupcakes. They’re so cool!

  10. Ah yes i’ve been to that site before and I love it! I like looking at pretty photos too :) The stars picture you posted is so adorable!!! :) It made me smile coz obviously i’m addicted to stars hahaha. Too bad I don’t have an account there, though!

  11. I’m glad you found a new website that you like. I don’t think that is a site that I would enjoy.

  12. Aww I love cat feet too! They’re so cute! I also like this photo of the stars – very cute! :D

  13. I love that site, I’ll go add you when I’m done commenting. I love how no matter how much you visit it there’s always something new to look at. Such a great way to collect prettiness.


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