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In the past month…I’ve been nominated!

I’ve been insanely busy with the semester winding down. Grading copious amounts of writing, holding conferences with students, and generally keeping myself from losing my mind are just a few of the things I’ve been keeping afloat since last month’s post. I missed my blog, oh, how I’ve missed my blog. It feels like home being able to write again, and of course, share all of my obsessions with you all. First of all, when reading my comments the other day, I was most surprised and overjoyed to see that Mallory is back on the blogging train. Welcome back lovely lady! <3 Also, I was nominated by Deanna for the Versatile Blogger Award!

My 7 facts and nominees will be at the bottom of this post!

However, with my being busy I haven’t completely given up my “me” time. I need it. Simple as that. What do I do with the little amounts of “me” time I’ve been able to steal? My nails, of course! Here’s a snapshot of my last two, perfect for the Spring weather the East Coast has been having!

The first was done with Sally Hansen Maximum Growth as a base and Essie “Raise Awareness” for the tip. The flower decals are from my gorgeous pen pal and friend, Lulu. The second, which I actually just took off this morning are a rainbow water marble! I think I’ve finally figured out the secret. It’s room temperature water!

My next nail project will be attempting to do my own acrylic overlays at home. I purchased a KISS Acrylic French Sculpture kit at CVS the other day. I’m a little nervous because I haven’t had acrylic on my nails in about two years. I think I just want to challenge myself and see if I can take my DIY nail obsession to the next level. That will be happening in the summer, hopefully! I still have to get the guts to do it on my own. I will be doing it all by hand, no drill whatsoever! That drill will KILL your nails as I’ve learned many a time.

Until next time, enjoy the photos and I’ll be back on the blogging train soon. I just ordered a ton of Lush products with some of my birthday money (did I mention I’m 25 now???), and I haven’t tried some of them, so reviews will be coming full steam ahead. Thanks for sticking around and understanding the chaos that has been life for the past couple of months! <3 Love you all!

And now…seven facts about me: (and my nominees!)

1. I have been in school since I was 4 with no breaks. I’m currently finishing my M.A in English and in a year it will be the first time I have not had the identity of a student…until I enroll in my Ph.D program that is!

2. I am an adjunct professor at a local university and I teach Composition to college freshman! I love my job and wake up excited to go to work everyday.

3. In 2007 I lost 52 pounds and have been maintaining that loss since. It is one of the things I am most proud of.

4. My favorite vegetable is an artichoke.

5. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 9 years and we have no plans, yet, to get married, haha.

6. My favorite hobbies are research, writing, and painting my nails.

7. Scarves are my favorite accessory and I wear them almost daily.

And my 15 nominees are [drum roll please…]

1. Katy
2. Alex
3. Joyce
4. Tashina
5. Deanna
6. Janine
7. Caity
8. Mallory
9. Grysh

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Reader Feedback

12 Responses to “In the past month…I’ve been nominated!”

  1. Djawa says:

    woww., congrats to all <3


  2. Grysh says:

    Congrats on getting nominated sis!! Gaga And thanks for the nomination. I was surprised to find my name in the list. Lol. :)


    Grysh Reply:

    @Grysh, Oh, and I forgot to mention that i love your nail arts. Especially the french tip with the gold lines. You should make a tutorial about it. I suck at painting my nails. Lmao.


  3. Kylie says:

    Whoa! Congrats on the MA — that’s fantastic (I know you technically don’t have it yet, but c’mon, it’s around the corner ;) )

    Love the marble effect on your nails too!


  4. Justin says:

    Congrats on your nomination! And thanks for passing it on to me… which Deanna also did haha… I just find it weird because I haven’t blogged in a year (though I’m having a comeback!)

    Your nails look awesome… I really like the one in the second picture that looks kind of like a marble.

    52 pounds? Oh my goodness, I’d be really proud of that too… also 9 years is a very long time to NOT be going to the next step haha… I feel like there was a movie about this?


  5. Michelle says:

    Congrats on getting nominated!
    I love your nails – please consider making a tutorial?? :D

    And… scarves are def great accessories – for both winter and summer :) hot and cold… whatever weather


  6. Holly says:

    Wow, your marbled nails are really cool! I’ve never seen anything like that before!


  7. Mallory says:

    Holy crap, that single marbleized nail was glorious as Hell! No idea how to achieve such an effect, I really have to look into that. Like, right now. ;She opens up a Google window.; AHHH, so that’s how! It looks a little daunting, though … So exciting, though, I want to try it immediately, haha. XD;

    Doesn’t it always feel like such a massive shame whenever you have to remove polish off your nails when it’s started to chip …? It always does to me, even if they’re just painted basic black.

    And OMG, thank you for both the blog mention and the nomination in your post! That was really nice of you. *^^* So glad you’ve blogged again, BTW!


  8. Valerie says:

    Congrats on getting nominated!

    I love your nails. :) I’ve wanted to try that marbling effect on my nails but I’m just so lazy. lol Plus I’m horrible on my hands. The color always chips after a day or too.

    Good luck with the acrylic! I’d love to see the results. :)


  9. Alex says:

    welcome back! it’s okay, we’ve all been busy with the semester winding down! glad you have been spend ing ‘me’ time doing your nails! so pretty *o*

    good luck with the acrylic! sounds pretty intense but when perfected — awesomesaucy :D and happy belated birthday!

    and wow, that’s some amazing weight loss and WOW 9 years?! i haven’t even been able to be in a relationship for a full year yet…//fail

    and thanks for nominating us btw :D DD


  10. Deanna says:

    I really like your flower nails! They are beautiful!

    It makes me so happy to hear of other people who have been with their boyfriend for as long as I have and are not yet engaged. I sometimes feel like I’m the only one in this situation and I wonder what is wrong with me. Hearing of other people makes me a little less anxious to get married (although I don’t want to wait too much longer lol).


  11. Jen says:

    I like the flower nail art! :) It looks simple but cute! :)
    You lost 52 pounds? Wow! That’s a lot of work (I think) I can’t even lose 2 pounds. :P haha! :) Congratulations on your MA, and good luck on your PhD! :)


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