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I am an awesome teacher!

Friday was the last day of school before Spring break. So I’m not going to see the kids until the 19th when we get back to school. It seems like an eternity, but I’m grateful for the week of re-charging, wearing jeans, and sleeping late. I planned something fun for almost every day of my break with plenty of CHRISTINE time as well. The last day of class I gave my kids free time once we finished business and during the free time of my American Studies class, the other student teacher and I got artistic:

Meet Zora the Kitty. Dan drew it and I added some color and the title. We’re still studying Zora Neale Hurston’s “Their Eyes Were Watching God.” Now we have a mascot.

This right here is my artistic talent. I wished them all a fun and happy break. To the left you can see part of my assignment I gave them to complete over break and some reminders. The other notes are from the History portion of the class. For some reason the name Hoover always makes me laugh. My professor will be coming to visit on the 20th, the day after we get back from break. I’m nervous, but excited. After break I have just about a month left of my Student Teaching. It is going by pretty quickly.

Also, check out FLICKR for all of my uploaded Easter 2010 photos. They’re fun and colorful. I had an amazing Easter weekend with my family and friends. The weather was great (even got a bit of a sunburn on my nose), and it was just lovely. I hope that everyone had a fabulous holiday.

  1. Does this mean you’ll be blogging more? ;)

  2. Wow, no more blackboards in classrooms anymore? I remember the colored chalk was the best kind, now I suppose it is the colored markers that get the attention.

  3. Wow, you have very nice handwriting. :) I hope you enjoy the break!!

  4. Yehey. You’ll be having a little break. Better get yourself a lot of sleep. I’m sure you’ll be missing the kids as well :)

    I feel bad for the kids having homework during break :D

  5. I wish i had had a teacher like you growing up, everyone was so serious all the time in school, maybe i was just unlucky haha

  6. It sounds like the kids really adore you. :)

    Shanty Towns.

  7. I hope you had a great break! I really like all the colors you used on the board. I don’t put that much effort into things I write on the board. Elementary kids are so disrespectful that I’m sure someone would go up and erase half of it for no reason.

  8. Have a ncie break :) You have really neat handwriting.
    My ear infection is pretty sore, but I’ve got some eardrops for it now so it’s better than it was before. :D x

  9. I hope you’re enjoying the free time:) I also have to say that your handwriting is pretty amazing!

  10. You do have nice handwriting! Hope you are enjoying Christine time!


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