How Teachers View Snowdays: An Instagram Week

For the past two weeks I think I have worked a total of three days. Classes have been canceled and thanks to President’s Break, I won’t see my students again until tomorrow. It’s been almost a week and a half and unlike the public schools, universities don’t add days on at the end of the semester. So, once March hits, so will my insanity and my students will have a huge pile of work to do since we’re expecting more snow this week. Snowdays (or, snow weeks) bring about a complex series of emotions for teachers. Here’s mine!

Three ingredient pancakes!

On the first snow day I made myself a delicious breakfast. During the week I usually scarf down a bowl of oatmeal, water, and run out the door with coffee spilling down my arm. This morning, I made myself a small batch of pancakes out of 1 banana, 1 egg, 1 tbsp. of baking powder, and 1 tsp. of clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It made three little power pancakes. I smugly smiled as Keith trudged out in the snow to do burials and get cold and dirty. Teaching is the life!

A workout that will work you out!

Snow day number two was even better! Day one involved a healthy breakfast and ample workout time, and so did day two! I loved being able to really focus on my Tone It Up Love Yor Body Challenge. Again, teaching rocks! 

I spent the day working out, cleaning the house, making a delicious dinner for Keith since he still had to work, and reading blogs. This home maker thing might just work out after all! 

Just me being a cheesedog. ๐Ÿ˜›

We had to go to work on day three, but we had a delay and then ended up getting sent home early. With all of that time, I was able to really make my face and hair look great. Keith, again, had to go to work at his usual time, but whatever! I loved having the extra minutes (hours) to read the news, eat a good breakfast, do my workout, and make my curls look fabulous. I even took a car selfie in the parking lot. Days like these need to be documented. 


Wine in a water glass!

One week later…the Nor’Easter hits Connecticut, our governor shuts down the state, and we learn that our state only has enough salt for one more snow storm. It’s been almost seven days since I’ve worked and our schedule is behind. The only solution? Listen to the wind howl, pop a bottle, and eat some dark chocolate chips. The fate of your courses lie in the hands of the extreme weather Gods and there is nothing you can do. Yes, I do drink wine out of a water glass.  

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11 thoughts on “How Teachers View Snowdays: An Instagram Week

  1. Snow days can be troublesome. I know when we had real snow(I live in Texas and usually we get ice), not many places cancelled unlike with the ice that blanketed the ground. Snow was amazing to play in but not amazing to drive in. I’m glad that you’re just chilling despite the snow and that’s cool. I’ve never seen anyone drink wine out of a glass cup. Yeah, it sucks you guys are behind :(

  2. In high school I loved snow days. Now that I’m university it’s literally the worst thing. We had a snow day at the beginning of second semester this year and my teacher was so mad at us for not showing and complained that we missed so much content. In high school it just didn’t.. matter? I guess… In university, if you miss a class, especially a once a week, three hour class, you’re done for. And missing three — four… man. And there’s no relief. That being said, when the weather is perfect and class is accessible, I love that university is basically three months a course. I hated how stretched out high school was.

  3. I love snow days! (:

    I’m going to love them even more when I am a teacher. hahaha.
    Why not join this one? While we don’t have stamps I’m sure I can integrate something like that… ;)

  4. Your title text doesn’t show when AdBlock is enabled. :x (It’s enabled by default on sites.) I kept thinking it was just some weird webfonts problem, but hm.

    Anyway, you get a lot done during the snow days! In high school, some teachers who had collected emails from their students would email us, the students, with assignments. It was actually really annoying considering they weren’t actually allowed to do that during snow days… They could only give and demand assignments to those who had been absent for the class, whatever the reason was.

  5. Now I’m considering becoming a teacher…I honestly never thought about what snow days are like for teachers.

    One of the towns near Cleveland had a salt problem, but I think they finally were able to get some more salt. Hard to believe it’s been nice and sunny these past few days but it’s going to be cold and snowy again – or at least it was last time I seen the weather…I hope the weather changed and says “I’ll give you an early spring!”.

  6. Wow, lucky you with all those snow days! I have a bottle of wine sitting in my cupboard but I don’t have any wine glasses. I’m happy to know that it’s okay to drink it from a different kind of glass haha.

  7. I actually miss snow days from when I was in school, it was just endless amounts of fun all day without a care in the world… and it always seemed like the day was never ending. Kind of sounds similar to your snow days, and that drinking wine out of a water glass seems totally fine with me ;)

    By the way, those banana pancakes look slammin’! I’m definitely writing down the ingredients to try them!

  8. Lol, I don’t know whether to be super happy that you had so much time off, or say nyawww I’m sorry haha! Happy because you got to spend time relaxing and taking care of yourself but yeah, once you get back to school it’s probably going to be extra stressful.
    We only had maybe two days of bad snow here (in Virginia). Even then it wasn’t so bad that you couldn’t go out in it. At least not where I live. Hopefully the bad snow is done now for a while. …though it was snowing here at 9am hahaha.

  9. Now that’s what I call snow days well spent! Here in Houston, snow days feel like a normal day for me. Of course, I use it to my advantage by relaxing and treating myself better. Snow day is what you make of it. Guess we both know how to optimize our times despite some slight disturbance. xD

    BTW, Blogilates rocks! Good choice. I use Cassey’s Treadmill Shredmill in addition to strength training, and have noticed some improvements in my endurance and stamina. This stuff actually works! :O

  10. I don’t ever remember this much snow when I was in school and if it did snow, we usually got a day off, but this year has been unusually snow filled. I hear it’s supposed to snow again sometime next week though too, so even in March you may still get a snow day or two.

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