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It’s my bridal shower weekend, so I thought what better way to spice up your shower time with a giveaway? I love High Street Soap Company because they use all natural, handmade ingredients and are completely cruelty free and use eco-friendly packaging. I got hooked on High Street Soap when my friend Jessica bought me a gift package for my birthday. I knew this was a brand that was going to have a permanent home in my bathroom. High Street Soap Company sent me a care package with soap, lotion, and scrubs to sample. You’ll be winning all of the goodies that I’m reviewing, so kick back and enter to win! I got to try all of the following! You’ll get to win three soaps and a funky eco-friendly soap dish!

Can we talk about how pretty these are?

Can we talk about how pretty these are?

Charcoal and Tea Tree Soap: I loved this soap after a long, hot day! Charcoal is an amazing natural ingredient that clears up the skin and gently exfoliates. This Tea Tree Soap helped to calm some of my summer breakouts and left my skin feeling clean and detoxified. The oils and charcoal clean while keeping your skin soft. This soap also lathers well! At first, it’s a little strange to rub black suds all over your body, but it rinses clean. This soap is also Vegan.

Morning Mint Soap: The morning mint soap wakes up your skin! The scent is fresh and the mint is intense. I adored this soap. The soap is marbled green and white and looks like a giant mind candy. With olive oil as one of the main moisturizers, my skin felt pampered and cleansed. This soap is also Vegan. 

Forever Apprentice Soap: I really liked this scent because it was unexpected. This soap brought me back to the days of burning incense in my room and listening to Veruca Salt. With patchouli and lavender, this soap smells musky and would be one I would get for Keith! It has a “manlier” scent, but it made me smell great, too. Like the others, this soap has the best oils and moisturizers. However, it is only cruelty free and not Vegan. I still loved the scent and enjoyed the switch from the mint and tea tree. 

Lavender and Orange Sugar Scrub: This scrub was amazing! The scent was fabulous and the sugars and oils literally melted in to my skin. I tend to need extra exfoliation love on the backs of my arms and legs, especially during the summer and this stuff did the trick. The cool thing about this soap is SEEING the ingredients. I loved that there were actual lavender buds that I could smell and feel. 

Revitalizing Foot Lotion in Tea Tree and Peppermint: I live in flip flops all summer long so my feet get a little…rough. This lotion packs a bunch with shea, olive, rice bran, and coconut oil with a refreshing mint scent. I used this before bed and the formula was thick and absorbed quick. 

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You’ll also receive a bonus Lavender Bath Bomb with Coconut Oil! Who doesn’t love bonus gifts? So enter, enjoy, and good luck! Happy showering. :)

Editor’s Note: The product(s) featured in this post were provided by a representative of the company named in this post for editorial consideration. I was not in any other way compensated for this post. All reviews are 100% honest and of my own opinion.

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