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Hi, Denzel: Nice to meet you!

On Wednesday my Mom, Kathleen, and her sister Joanna went to NYC to go and see the Regis and Kelly show. It was awesome. My mom picked the show with special guest Freddie Prinze Jr., Tim Gunn was also on the show, and they let us stay to see the taping of Friday’s segment as a surprise. The segment featured DENZEL WASHINGTON! I love him as an actor, and one of my favorite movies is “Fallen” which is one of his older movies in which he tries to catch this demon that passes through people. It’s really a great movie, so I give it a watch if you get a chance.

As we were exiting the show, I saw a ton of Paparazzi standing outside of the door and flashes were going off like crazy. At first I was confused and then my Mom said, “Denzel Washington is right in front of us!” Kathleen and I dove in and I whipped out my cell phone to take photos. I managed to get two decent ones.

The first one was the best one, but I really liked that happy lady with the hat. Denzel was tall as heck, and we were, as Joanna put it, “uncomfortably close to him.” Ha!

At the end of all of the excitement, my Mom asked him for an autograph. She realized all she had was her disposable camera. She handed it to him and he said, “Wow, this is a first, I’ll have to work on this!” and smiled. He was truly such a nice person and did not rush to get into his car, talked to people, and signed things for people too. It was truly an amazing day.

This is my Mom’s camera, haha. With Denzel Washington’s autograph!!

The day was completed by purchasing amazing cupcakes at Crumbs Bakery, which I’ve wanted to go to for a while now, and lunch at Junior’s. Waking up at 3:30 to catch a 5:12 train was totally worth it!

  1. I love Denzel Washington. I don’t think he’s been in a movie that I didn’t like. It’s awesome when celebrities are nice people and are willing to sign autographs and take pictures. . I really hate hearing about mean celebs.

  2. Oh wow! I’m jealous, because I absolutely LOVE Denzel. I’ve always loved that man and he is so beautiful! I am also a fan of “Fallen”. I loved the ending/twist – so neat!

    I have always heard he respects his fans and takes time to thank them and sign autographs. I think that is so cool ya’ll got to meet him and have him sign the camera haha. So awesome =D I’m glad you enjoyed your day!

  3. That’s really cool. I’ve never gotten to meet anyone really famous before.

  4. I never had Junior’s but I love love love Crumbs Bakery. They have it in a few spots in NYC and whenever I am close to one, I beg whoever I am with to go get a cupcake. I cannot believe you met Denzel Washington, that is completely insane!!

    Lady Impulse
  5. oh wow I’m jealous! hehe love to see NYC one day and congrats to your fam for getting into the regis and kelly audience!

  6. That’s awesome! What was Freddie there for? Is he in a new movie. I remember how much I loved him when I was little. That’s awesome that you were so close to Denzel and he actually signed an autograph for you guys!

  7. That is really cool:) I love it when celebs take the time to actually write autographs etc:)

  8. LUCKY! I always took him for a nice guy. He just looks sincere. That’s probably the most valuable phone now, that’s a keeper.

  9. I’M SO JEALOUS!! It’s good to hear he is a nice guy too – too many times I hear horror stories about how terrible celebs are to their fans. I have always wanted to eat at Crumbs, but forget to stop every time I am in the city.

  10. That’s awesome!

  11. Oh wow! Congrats. :)

  12. shes lucky!!! I’ve only seen George Clooney before.. haha

  13. That sounds like a truly amazing day! Denzel Washington is an amazing actor, and getting an autograph is so cool! :)

  14. My girlfriend has been talking about Juniors, I think when we get some money and figure out what to do in the city besides eat we are going to go.

    The happy oman in the hat looks like she’s just happy to have her picture taken and not necessarily happy because she’s that close to Denzel.

  15. Haha, oh wow! The closest I’ve ever come to a true celebrity was a two-in-one deal, back when I was like seven or eight, I have no clue … Me and my parents were shopping in downtown Toronto, and all of a sudden my Mum literally grabs my head and twists it to the left, basically screaming, ‘OH MY GOD MALLORY LOOK, LOOK, IT’S CHANDLER FROM FRIENDS AND THAT GIRL FROM PARTY OF FIVE OH MY GOD!’

    So I look, and above five feet away from me, Matthew Perry is crossing the street in the opposite direction, walking a little dog, with Nieve Campbell by his side.

    He hears my Mum freaking out like a total fangirl, while I’m standing there, completely confused as to who he even *is* — I never even liked Friends or watched Party Of Five at the time — And he cracks up laughing.

    Yes, bloody CHANDLER FREAKIN’ BING *laughed*. At me. I was more embarrassed than star struck, and I really never thought it was that big of a deal that he passed right by us until recent years, haha.

    Your celeb encounter was much better, IMO, haha.

  16. I’ve never heard of Regis and Kelly but the guest I’ve all heard about. :)

    My encounters with celebrities have all been with musicians. I was very starstruck when I met Manic Street Preachers. Other celebrities I’ve met include Juliette Lewis and a couple of Swedish bands. I’ve also been really close to Pete Doherty, Serj Tankian and Rage Against The Machine but since that was when I worked backstage at a rock festival I couldn’t approach them and ask for photos or anything since we weren’t allowed to while working.

  17. That’s so cool! LOL at him signing the camera!

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