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Happy Thanksgiving!

For anyone who celebrates, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful day with family, friends, and of course the insane amount of delicious eats. I’m thankful for many things EVERYDAY, but it’s fun to talk about what you’re thankful for especially on this holiday. My little cousin Caleb suggested everyone go around the table and say something they’re thankful for. Here is my list.

  • My family, my friends, Keith & Socks all take first priority. But that’s a given.
  • Good health. =]
  • Books. I love all kinds, all genres. I just love to read. Without books I would truly be a lost soul.
  • Rapid Release Tylenol. I’m way too impatient to deal with headache pain. This stuff works wonders.
  • Goldfish Crackers. They remind me of my childhood, and I still eat and by them in bulk.
  • Journals. I keep a journal aside from my blog. It’s so therapeutic and I would miss writing in a journal if for some reason I was unable to.
  • My relationship with my Mom & Dad. As an only child I am very close to each of my parents and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I cherish the relationship I have with them.
  • Pizza. I could have it every day. I love pizza.
  • Planners. Again, something I would be lost without. I love planners, planning, crossing out plans, making plans. Planning rocks.
  • You guys! Without my readers I wouldn’t have met so many great friends, my site would be pointless, and I wouldn’t have so many amazing blogs to read.
  • Ginger-free pumpkin pie!! MY COUSIN LAUREN IS AWESOME & MADE THIS FOR ME. It was delicious!!
  • The elliptical machine. It helps with all of the pizza I consume.
  • A warm house and other commodities that many do not have, such as a car, clothes, ample food, and the like.

    I am thankful for so many things that I could never compile a whole list of everything that I appreciate. What are you all thankful for? Material or otherwise?

    1. The potato dish on the picture contains onion and meat as well as what I would call mashed potatoes:) It tastes really yummy:)

      I hope you had a nice thanksgiving:) We don’t celebrate it here in Norway, but I think we should:)

    2. I forgot to put pizza! OMG pizza is love, love, love :)

      Happy Thanksgiving, love! I hope it was amazing.

    3. too bad we don’t celebrate thanksgiving in our country. But I bet it is fun :)

    4. hope your thanksgiving was great!

      i love your list of things to be thankful for…especially rapid release tylenol. that stuff is a Godsend.

    5. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

      I love the elliptical too… my favorite piece of exercise equipment!

      Books + Goldfish crackers.. mmmm.

    6. We don’t celebrate it here in our country but once in awhile I get to have this little moment of reflection and be thankful for the blessings i’ve been receiving in my life :) I’m most thankful for my family, close friends and especially my boyfriend who still sticks with me despite my crazy moods! Haha.

    7. happy thanksgiving!!! i’m glad u have plenty of things to be thankful of. That’s good to appreciate things that somewhat making us happy, satisfied and at ease.


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