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happy new year!

First and foremost, I wish all of you a happy, healthy, and safe new year’s! I’m sure some of you have already been able to celebrate, so I hope you had a great time. =]

As for plans for tonight, I’m sleeping at Keith’s and we’re hanging out with his brother, sister-in-law, and parents for dinner along with some friends. It’s going to be a quiet new year but that’s fine with me. Keith is still not feeling well so it’s better to lay low and have fun with the people who are closest to us. I’d rather see family and close friends than a bunch of noisy people at a bar/restaurant anyway, haha.

Has anyone tried the Curves granola bars yet? They’re really good! I just ate a chocolate peanut one, and although Kashi is my favorite they’re not bad. My Mom got a sample back and put it in my stocking.

So as my last post of 2007, I leave you with me wearing glasses.

Don’t I just look so smart. Sturbridge pictures are on my
flickr as well. <3

  1. Woo! I’m going to a family thing too… but I think mine is going to be loud, like always, haha. :(

    Happy New Years to you. :D

  2. hey sweetie, love the new pic! hope you have an awesome new year!!!

  3. It’s nice to just lay low and be with family on NY’s eve. I’ll just be home trying to stay up to watch the ball drop. Although I’m in CA and it happens at 9pm for me, haha~

    Have a good one~!! HAPPY NEW YEAR.. ^__________^

  4. A quiet New Year’s Eve sounds nice. I only like one kind of granola bar–the fudge-dipped chocolate chip, the most unhealthy one out there. I’m a horribly picky eater.
    Have a great new year!

  5. Chocolate peanut… two things food-wise that I dislike with a passion! Haha. That’s okay. I didn’t even hear about the Curves bars to begin with, lol. I wish I was old enough to go to the bar… most of my friends are old enough but those who aren’t can get in anyways… I’m too scared to try as I have succeeded once when I was 16 (ages back haha) but the second one I went to I got kicked out! Yikes. Well, enjoy your welcome of the new year!!

    ♥ K
  6. Hope you had a nice New Year celebration. I spent a quiet one alone, unfortunately.

  7. Happy New Year!! I hope Keith feels better soon. I too am sick & it really sucks! I hope you had a nice time though with the people closest to you. I hope you have a great start to an awesome 2008 year!

  8. We ended up staying home this year also. I loved it =) I hope Keith feels better. Guess who has a journal again?!! ME lol

  9. Hey, I prefer quiet to noisy, bustling places too :o)

    Haven’t tried that granola bar. Might do, though.

    Happy New Year!

  10. I agree that quiet is better than loud – for New Years I just spent a nice evening with my dad, bro + sis and watched film :D Hope Keith feels better soon!
    That granola bar sounds yummy!! ^_^

  11. Happy new year to you too! Hopefully you’ll have fun with all of your family celebrations and stuff. ^^ My family doesn’t really celebrate the new years, but it’s alright, since we’ll make it up later for chinese new years. I’ll definitely keep a light and happy spirit for today though to welcome a new year. =] Hopefully good changes will come upon us and we’ll all succeed in the new year!

    I’ve never tried those granola bars so I don’t know what to tell you. But me being the picky eater I am, the only granola bars I’ll eat are the chewy ones. My teeth are too weak to chew and gnaw at the crunchier, hard ones. =_= Yeah, I’m lame….haha.

  12. I LOVE Kashi. I’ve only had their cereal but there’s some in my cabinet right now!

    You look great and I’m jealous ’cause I need new glasses. Mine broke so I have to wear contacts every single day, and it sucks.

    I think you should either grow out your hair or cut it with those curls. Either way would look hottttt.

  13. Happy New Years!!
    Mmm now I want a granola bar!!
    Cute picture, I can’t pull off glasses! Luckily I’m the only one in the family that doesn’t have to wear them!

  14. Hope you had a good New Years!

  15. I loove granola bars! I need to post recipes that I have for homemade granola and granola bars!

    I hope that you had a good New Years Eve!

  16. ah i hope you had fun on new year’s eve! that’s how i like to spent it as well… with family. AND GOOD FOOD! LOL but thank god the holidays are over… i can’t see any food anymore.. :D

    nice picture! you do look smart!

  17. Hahaha… NO. Have you been to the Hong Kong one? It’s seriously A LOT smaller than the other Disneylands. The Tokyo one and the America, well, TWO; they’re both a LOT better. If only they could be switched…

    LOL! Sure, clean my desk for me :) Um, right, airplane fee…

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