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Haircuts and keeping in shape?

I’m terrible with getting a trim every 4-6 weeks. Thankfully since I have naturally curly hair, it’s easy to hide. The only thing I need to worry about is my hair not having as much volume when it starts to need to be cut and there are plenty of products that hide that problem as well. Either way, I got my hair cut on Wednesday and got a nice blowout to go with it. I kept my straight hair until this morning and I’m once again a curly girly (and Keith is relieved).

My students have requested that I come into school with my hair straight since they have only seen me with my wild curls. I told them I’ll think about it.

I also noticed that my shoulders are looking pretty darn good in this photo. Thank goodness for carrying a huge bag for all of my classes and for the millions of walks up and down stairs 6 times a day in heels. Since my gym time has been lacking, I was worried about losing my muscles, but student teaching has proven to be a great workout for now. I’m getting amped for my regular gym routine in the end of May when I’ll be finished with my student teaching.

For the most part I have been eating very healthy during the school day. There’s more than enough temptation (vending machines, a cafeteria with fresh hot fries every day), but I’ve been keeping myself on track with a few of the following lunches. Also, since I’m moving around so much all day I don’t have time to graze which usually is my downfall if I’m home all morning and afternoon.

  • Turkey Breast on a Sandwich Thin with lettuce and 1 slice of American cheese, a grannysmith applie, and a chex bar.
  • Fresh veggies (carrots, green peppers, cucumbers, olives), with hummus and warm pita bread.
  • Cold pasta salad (fettucine or bowtie pasta) with baby spinach, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, sliced olives topped with basil and oregano.

    The pasta salad is actually an adaptation of Ruby Tuesday’s version which you can find in their fresh garden bar. My Momma and I fell in love with it one day at lunch and made our own at home after asking the manager what was in it. Delicious, filling, and refreshing.

    1. Thanks for the comment on my blog; it’s always great to hear from a new person, and I hope you become a frequent visitor!

      I found this blog really interesting; I had a good old read, and I’m intrigued that a teacher enjoyed my Overheard series! You seem like a really great person — I read a little bit of your ‘about me’ for the lols and enjoyed it. It’s nice to meet you Christine, I’m Kayleigh!


    2. You are a teacher? *cowers* I do agree, your arms do look VERY toned in that picture, something I REALLY lack and wish I didn’t. *crieeees* Gahh the lunches sound so TASTY. Maaan, I want to just reach in the computer and EAT it. I sound like quite a freak now, so I suck hahaha. Now I think I need to like… shut up so I don’t scare you off? :P

    3. (I love your hair straight.)

      Yeah, I’m envious of your shoulders. Workouts and hair go hand in hand. It seems like if you’re motivated enough for one, you’ll keep up on the other as well.

    4. It’s so crazy how different you look with straight hair, haha! Very pretty … As are your shoulders! Isn’t it amazing how normal, everyday tasks actually tone parts of your body?! ‘Specially when you’re not expecting said tasks to do much of anything, tone wise, haha!

      And ooh, those lunches sound freakin’ delicious, in my opinion! *_* Screw French fries, gimme a turkey breast sammwich any day! =3;

    5. Love the straight hair on you:) And your shoulders look great in the picture:)

    6. Wow, I LOVE your hair straight!! It looks awesome. It is tough sometimes to squeeze in gym time with everything else but I am glad that your student teaching is working out to be a good substitute! We should meet up sometime for coffee on campus before this semester ends, if you are around during the week there at all! I think I saw you one day, but I wasn’t 100% sure so I didn’t want to say anything lol.

    7. hahaha =))

      Straight hair looks nice on you :3

      I have a straight hair and I’m going to have it curled XD
      Funny how people want something they don’t have. :)

    8. Yeah I agree, straight hair looks great on you most definitely :) You can definitely pull off that look. And based on your picture, I can honestly say that you’re definitely in shape! Heehee. Keep it up, you look great!

    9. Wow, you do look different with straight hair!

      I trim my own hair! It’s long enough that I can reach, and curly enough that nobody notices! Heheh

    10. Love the straight hair!! Let your students see it, they would love it. Mine noticed that I dyed my hair… I was astonished. :)

      I, too, am bad about getting my hair cut. I haven’t gotten mine done in a good 3-4 months… it’s getting pretty raggedy. I’m thinking about getting bangs. That’s scary in itself, lol.

      I added you to my blogroll. :)

    11. Your straight hair looks so pretty! I always have mine straight. ^_^ and omg your healthy lunch had made me so hungry <3 hahaa.

    12. your shoulders do look good, im jealous haha. I really need to find a way to tone my arms besides typing. I have incredibly curly hair and i hate it, i straighten it almost every day, it’s jsut too wild and i never know what else to do with it. your hair looks great though

      I want to see a pic of the zombie car when you can! I’m really curious

    13. That pasta salad sounds heavenly!

      I’m de-lurking, btw. I’ve been trying to get into better shape lately, so your blog has been a source of inspiration for me. I’m glad I found it! :)

    14. Your hair looks good. I only get mine cut like every 6 months lol. I am really starting to want it cut now because I think it’s getting too heavy. I get headaches when I have it up in a pony tail.

    15. This has nothing to do with you per say, but if a teacher can’t control their eating habits with the vending machines and junk food in the cafeteria, then how can they be expected to pass on good eating habits to their students?

      I really like that picture, your hair looks good.


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