I am free from the wrath that is Panera Bread. Enough said. I have wasted three years of my life to get denied hours, denied the many raises I should have gotten, and I am done. I was officially done at 4:00pm yesterday. I threw away all of my stupid polo shirts and black work pants. At some point I will throw out my ugly olive drab aprons I have downstairs. Goodbye Panera and good riddance.

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8 thoughts on “free!

  1. OMG YAY! I know you have hated this job for quite so time and I’m so happy you’re free! You needed to get out of there! But did you put in your two weeks or up and quit? Because based on this post, I got the idea that you quit. I still can’t believe the way they treated you. I just hope you find something way better and more worth your time and effort!

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