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Do’s & Don’ts: Teacher Fashion!

As a future teacher, I can’t help but notice that teachers are labeled as fashion DON’TS. This not only annoys me (I love fashion and beauty), but kind of hurts. Why are teachers labeled as some freaky nerd woman from the 50s, or a teacher from the 1800s who looks hard, tough, and let’s face it: beige. TEACHERS! (and future teachers): stand up for fashion! Be stylish, be professional, and most of all be yourself in the classroom.

Don’t think that you can’t be casual and professional. On a jeans day try wearing cute boots, or a pair of flats and a dressy top. You don’t want to look like one of the students (I got asked where I thought I was going when trying to leave the school!).

Do have a pair of black pants or khaki/brown pants, if your school has a strict dress code for teachers. Private schools tend to have higher expectations than a public school. These neutrals are a staple in any wardrobe and can pull together any outfit and make it look more professional.

Do use accessories! Funky necklaces or bracelets can add some spunk to any outfit. If you’re in a private school they can help you express your personality without violating a dress code.

sexy teacher fantasy? let the kids picture this on their own time!

Don’t try to be the hot teacher. I’ve seen this happen and CRASH AND BURN. I’ve seen it when I was a high school student, and I’ve seen it during my field work at the high school.

Do invest in a cardigan. For two reasons: they’re totally in this fall, and they’re light enough to keep you warm in a cold school, and you won’t be hot in a warm school. They’re perfect for in between seasons, and they look adorable!

Do carry a big bag! Blacks and browns compliment every outfit and hold all of your stuff. You’re going to need it toting lesson books, grade books, pens, pencils, and all of those extra handouts for your students who lose them.

As I begin to embark on yet another journey I refuse to only allow myself to wear black. I must have looked like I was going to a funeral every time I walked into the school. I will not settle for wearing bland clothes, and I will not accept that teachers are looked at as fashion victims! I’m rocking some new styles for my teaching work this semester and I plan to look professional (and stylish) while doing it!

  1. Don’t get too flashy… not too much bling, and don’t wear clothes/colors that draw attention to yourself. The kids WILL quit paying attention to you.

    Don’t wear heels that are taller than about an inch, or narrow. Your feet WILL be dying by the end of the day! Flats are a teacher’s best friend!

    Do shop for clothes and accessories on vacation. The kids LOVE to see their teacher wearing clothes from another part of the nation or world, and you can use them to accent a lesson.

    Some thoughts from an ex teacher who has survived both primary and secondary classrooms!

  2. Most of the teachers at my school, especially the younger ones, are really fashionable :)
    My History teacher today wore a really nice dress and cardigan.
    I think it’s the older teachers who cause the unfashionable teacher image. One of my other History teachers wears black trousers and mens shirts (she’s a women!) all of the time, she looks awful, she is a good teacher though.

  3. I was never really into fashion in school and never noticed what my teachers wore.. the only thing I remember were cardigans, cardigans and cardigans!

  4. What an interesting entry! I agree, most of the teachers I’ve had have been total fashion disasters. I’d like to see some of my professors dress like they actually care about themselves… instead of horrible grandmotherly clothes. You can be cute and in style without looking like a “wannabe hot teacher” LOL… and you can also be professional without looking frumpy!

  5. LMAO good advice and very true! :P

  6. lmao. I had a teacher in middle school that tried to be hot. Didn’t work out, at all. It was kinda’ hilarious.

    All pretty true.

    Kyle Dylan Conner
  7. I had a teacher in high school that was cool and her fashion sense was nice, and guys flirted with her… then again she was only 6 years older than us lol. She was in shape, also was a sports coach. She was professional, even sometimes mean to the guys… but they still flirted and fantisized lol. She wore cute pants and shoes and tops, and the tops accentuated her boobs without showing cleavage… still attractive AND professional. It CAN be done :) God luck and have fun with that :)

  8. One of the most fashionable women I ever knew was my sophomore English teacher. She always looked so put together, but never like she was trying too hard.

  9. One of my best mates is a teacher at my old high school, He is a mod so he is extremely stylish.

    I grew up in the country though, so teachers are very limited to what they can wear. We dont have fashion shops.

  10. I definitely agree! One of the classiest and most fashionable people I know was actually my English teacher in the 11th grade. She was a black, white and beige kind of girl but her fashion taste was far from boring. Her clothes were interesting yet classy and not too distracting. It was more about patterns, shapes and textures rather than loud colors for her.

    Oh, and I’ve seen the whole “sexy teacher” look crash and burn really badly in the past. A teacher once got breast implants over winter break and… do I really need to say more? =/

  11. I’m racking my head, trying to remember if I ever had a fashionable teacher AND I CANT THINK OF ONE! I guess my college Communications III prof was slightly fashionable at her late 40s/early 50s because she always had funky pieces and the most gorgeous bags. I remember the whole class (I went to an all-girls college) noticing these embellished flats she had and one of us actually went up to her after class to ask where she got em (I overheard: Singapore).

    Most my ~young~ female college professors usually just wore slacks or dark-colored skirts. They didnt look frumpy, just a bit plain.

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